The More Medicament Manufacture, also known in its popular abbreviation 3M, is a multinational health industry JV company, led by Endralon, Kanjor, Valruzia, Likatonia, Deltaria and Rapa Pile.

Organization Edit

Leadership Edit

The 3M leaded by the person of the Chief Executive Officer and the closed group of the Chief Executive Body. This two institution are have equal rights and tasks. There is two kind of investors within the company: the importers and the shareholders.

Chief Executive Officers of 3M
Name Potrait Date
Boros Gréta
Boros Greta
4748 - 4770
Boros Norbert
CEO Boros Norbert 2
4770 - present

Shareholders Edit

The shareholders have the largest benefit, but with it the largest risk too in the company. They maintenance the factories and the transporters of the corporation. They get money across their shares. They appoint the Chief Executive Body. Endralon always must be the largest shareholder based on the founding document of the 3M.

Importers Edit

The importer and recognizer nations/companies-what-represents-nations are the simple members of the corporation. They take the productions from the transporters of the shareholders and then they maintenance the 3M-pharmacies. They have benefit across the free shares.

Researching Edit

The 3M collaborating with many researching centers, especially the Kirlawa Advanced Scientific Research Center (native abbreviation: ITEAK). There is a "close collaboration" between the 3M and the ITEAK, based on medical research and drug manufacturing, but the ITEAK doesn't structured into the company. Molly Horan, the prevailing rector of the ITEAK announced the association with the multinational 3M at 4762.

There is an another researching sector of 3M, in Telamon as the Telamon Society for Medical and Pharmalogical Research (TSMPR).

Factories Edit


A Pilese 3M-worker in Rapa Pile

The 3M maintenance factories in the shareholder countries. The largest factory of the company is in Kanjor, this is the Usine de Santé Privée (abbreviation: USP) this means in Luthorian Private Health Factory. But there is another larger factories in Endralon (Köztársasági Gyógyszergyártás - Republican Medicament Manufacture - RMM) and in Likatonia (Federal Health Industrial Factory - FHIF) and etc.

The 3M usually estimates its factory workers, but this of course can be different by countries to countries. In Endralon, the 3M-workers get 620 END what a little bit more than the average salary of a factory worker in Endralon. The 3M finds the social responsibility important so its have good relations with trade unions and labor organizations. Further, Boros Gréta, the former CEO of the 3M led the company to campaigns for human rights.

Transporters Edit

Main article: LOT Cargo

The 3M leases 15 cargo plane from the recognized LOT Cargo airline company. The LOT given cargo planes and pilots to the 3M and they take the 3M' drugs to every pieces of the world. The official leasers of the LOT's airplanes are the shareholders, so they have all responsibility for it.

Pharmacies Edit


An Endralonian seller of a 3M-pharmacy

The 3M operates several pharmacies in several countries. In metropolises, in capitals, in cities, in towns and in villages too. The 3M's pharmacies replaced the state-owned pharmacies in several states, especially in the shareholders.

The 3M's pharmacy workers get a 550 END salary in Endralon what a little bit more than the salaries of the factory workers. Several people from several country want to be the 3M's worker, because the 3M have good working conditions. Further, the 3M provides that every pharmacies must have a doctor in charge as the fuse of the professional and safe service.

Members Edit


3M's current extension

Shareholders Edit

Flag Name Shares Joining act Joining date
Endralon 35% Endralonian Joining Act August, 4748
Kanjor 21% Kanjorian Joining Act October, 4751
Likatonia 14,9% Likatonian Joining Act February, 4758
FLAG RapaPille
Rapa Pile 1% Pilese Joining Treaty July, 4757

(Istalian WSF)

2% Joining of ISIF and AF May, 4760
Coat of Arms of the Istalian Empire

(Istalian NGO)

2% May, 4760
The Libertarian

(Deltarian NGO)

1% Joining of The Libertarian

Agreement with Rapa Pile

July, 4760
Davostan 1% Agreement with Rapa Pile

Joining of Davostan

July, 4762
Free shares: 12,1%

Importer and recognizer members Edit

Flag Name Joining act Joining date
Dundorf Dundorfian Joining Act May, 4759
Kingdom of rildanor
Rildanor Rildanorian Joining Act September, 4759
OotCPotSLR Flag
Jelbania Jelbanian Joining Act September, 4759
Flag of New Alduria-0
New Alduria New Aldurian Joining Act February, 4759
Deltaria Recognition of the 3M March, 4760
Rutania Rutanian Joining Act March, 4760
Vascanian Flag
Vascania Vascanian Joining Treaty June, 4770
Flag of the Trigunian Republic
Trigunia Trigunian Joining Act

3M Monopolizing Healthcare

February, 4771
Medina Invitation of 3M from Medina July, 4772
Flag of Jakania
Jakania Jakania Working Alongside with 3M May, 4771
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