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Abbreviation 3M
Type World leading healthcare JV corporation
Founded Augustus 8, 4748
Headquarters 3M Skyscraper, III. District of Hugamest, Endralon
Registered In Directorial Republic of Endralon
Owners 3M-Shareholders (100%)
Slogan Bring Health, For All
Key People
  • Boros Roberta (CEO)
  • Bonifác Doležal, Grand Prince and Princess Nicola (CEB[1])
  • Soós Kristóf (EP[2])
  • Hegedűs Arnold (EP[3])
Operating In 26 countries (4785)
Employees More than 5 000 000 across the world

The More Medicament Manufacture, popularly abbreviated as 3M, is an Endralonian multinational corporation, what currently the world leading medical company.



The 3M leaded by the person of the Chief Executive Officer and the closed group of the Chief Executive Body. This two institution are have equal rights and tasks. There is two kind of investors within the company: the importers and the shareholders.

Chief Executive Officers of 3M
Name Potrait Date
Boros Gréta
Boros Greta.jpeg
4748 - 4770
Boros Norbert
CEO Boros Norbert 2.jpg
4770 - 4779
Boros Roberta
4779 - present


The shareholders have the largest benefit, but with it the largest risk too in the company. They maintenance the factories and the transporters of the corporation. They get money across their shares. They appoint the Chief Executive Body. Endralon always must be the largest shareholder based on the founding document of the 3M.


The importer and recognizer nations/companies-what-represents-nations are the simple members of the corporation. They take the productions from the transporters of the shareholders and then they maintenance the 3M-pharmacies. They have benefit across the free shares.


The 3M collaborating and cooperating with the greatest minds of present, with the goal to creating more successful medicines and more successful medical methods. The largest researching and associating partner of the company is the Kirlawa Advanced Scientific Research Center (ITEAK), what already achieved many scientific results to prevent and heal illnesses. However, the cooperation between the two bodies are just associate, no one owning or paying the other. One thing sure: the cooperation very profitable for both parties, the 3M already placed on the market new medicines what created thanks to the ITEAK - and what saved the lives of millions.

3M Scientists testing a new kind of medicines in a Telamonian researching facility

Furthermore, the 3M have own researching facilities also, especially in Telamon. These facilities and their scientist (who're the employees of the company) are only focusing on finding antidotes to illnesses and on the creation of new, successful medicines. That methods what created in these facilities, is the intellectual and copyrighted property of 3M, what legally only it can placing on the market. Outside Telamon, there is also several laboratories of the corporation, but that ones not that resulting compared to the Telamonian ones.


A Pilese 3M-worker in Rapa Pile

The More Medicament Manufacture maintenance its factories in several countries, make sure that the production not centering in one place, what's collapse would stop the global production. Rapa Pile having the highest country/3M-factory number, with more than 30 corporate factories in its soil. But there is significant number of 3M factories in the Republic of Mina, the Federal Republic of Likatonia, in the Former Third Kivonian Republic, and in Republic of New Alduria.

These More Medicament Manufacture corporate factories producing the medicines and other medical productions intended for the market. From painkillers to injections, these factories producing everything what can make more healthy or save a life of a human being. That workers who made these things, the 3M respect and paying them very well. A simple Pilese 3M-worker can get 68 000 PD (Pilese Dollar, 1 Endral = 56 PD), while the minimum wage in the country is 32 000 PD. This is why in the Third World, the company have good and respectfully reputation, except in some countries where the religious fundamentalism don't let the corporation to operate, like Medina.


Formerly, the 3M leased cargo airplanes from the Valruzian transnational company LOT Cargo to transporting its products from the corporate factories to the corporate health bases, pharmacies and to other corporate facilities. But the leadership under CEO Boros Roberta find it to expensive, and because of it, the 3M created its own transporting fleet to transport productions. This is the 3M Corporate Transporting Department.

The 3M Corporate Transporting Department buying cargo airplanes from the Likatonian Aerospace Corporation, exactly they buying modified civil planes, what controlled by private pilot contractors (PPCs), who're not working in airlines, but working for the 3M for a better salary. Furthermore, the Transporting Department not only owning cargo planes, but it owning several tracks and other transporting vehicles to send the productions to the right place in the right time.


An Endralonian seller of a 3M-pharmacy

The 3M operating several pharmacies in several countries. In metropolises, in capitals, in cities, in towns and in villages too. The 3M's pharmacies replaced the state-owned pharmacies in several states, especially in the shareholders.

At the moment, the Endralonian corporation has the largest quality pharmacies in Terra, and with the best bid. Based on analysts and its objective analysis, the 3M have the most modern medicines with moderate prizes. On customer ratings, the company's pharmacies usually get 7 point from 10.


3M's Extension In November, 4784 Red: current shareholders, researcher or business partners, or the country where its from Orange: former shareholder, researcher or business partners or the country where its from


Flag Name Shares Joining act Joining date
Endralon 37% Endralonian Joining Ac August, 4748
Kanjor 21% Kanjorian Joining Act October, 4751
Likatonia 6,9% Likatonian Joining Act

Agreement with Endralon

Agreement with Likatonia

February, 4758
Kimlien Investments

(Kimlien private entity)

5% Agreement with Likatonia November, 4783

(Istalian WSF)

2% Joining of ISIF and AF May, 4760
Coat of Arms of the Istalian Empire.png

(Istalian NGO)

2% May, 4760
The Libertarian

(Deltarian NGO)

1% Joining of The Libertarian

Agreement with Rapa Pile

July, 4760
Flag of Davostan.png
Davostan 1% Agreement with Rapa Pile

Joining of Davostan

July, 4762
Flag of Kundrati.png
Kundrati 1% Joining of Kundrati December, 4783
FLAG RapaPille.png
Rapa Pile 1% Pilese Joining Treaty July, 4757
Free shares: 22,1%

Importer, researcher and business partners[]

Flag Name Joining act Joining date
Dundorf Dundorfian Joining Act May, 4759
Kingdom of rildanor.png
Rildanor Rildanorian Joining Act September, 4759
OotCPotSLR Flag.png
Jelbania Jelbanian Joining Act September, 4759
Flag of New Alduria-0.png
New Alduria New Aldurian Joining Act February, 4759
Deltaria Recognition of the 3M March, 4760
Rutania Rutanian Joining Act March, 4760
Logo ITEAK.png

(Kirlawa research group)

Association with 3M May, 4762
Flag of Telamon.png
Telamon Association with 3M June, 4767
Vascanian Flag.png
Vascania Vascanian Joining Treaty June, 4770
Flag of the Trigunian Republic.png
Trigunia Trigunian Joining Act

3M Monopolizing Healthcare

February, 4771
Lodamun 3M Contract January, 4778

(Kalistani cartel)

Business with 3M February, 4776
Saridan Joining of Saridan May, 4782
Flag of Aloria.png
Aloria Joining of Aloria June, 4781
Flag of Liore.png
Liore Joining of Liore May, 4780
Badara Deal with 3M July, 4783
Yingdala 3M Operating in Yingdala November, 4783
Aaa11f63-d114-433a-96f0-ce859f023562 200x200.png
LAC (Likatonian corporation) Business with 3M November, 4787
Selucia 3M New Branches in Selucia October, 4799

Former shareholders, researcher or business partners[]

Flag Name Exiting act Date of exiting
Flag of Medina.png
Medina Exiting of Medina

3M-Medina Litigious Crisis

May, 4774
Flag of Jakania.png
Jakania Exiting of Jakania October, 4779

Profit and loss account[]



Endralon (35%)

Kanjor (21%)

Likatonia (14,9%)

ISIF (2%) AF (2%) The Libertarian (1%) Davostan (1%) Free shares (12,1%)
150 000 000 contraceptives for Endralon 32 000 000 END 11 200 000 END 6 720 000 END 4 768 000 END 640 000 END 640 000 END 320 000 END 320 000 END 3 872 000 END


  1. Members of 3M Chief Executive Body
  2. Executive President of 3M Corporate Security Investigation Team
  3. Executive President of 3M Corporate Legal Department