Mossadeq's Cabinet I was the first Government of the Istalian Empire led by Rania Mossadeq, leader of the Socialists & Democrats party which since 4584 led continuously the Country. It was formed in November 4610 after the elections of April 4610 in coalition as junior party with the Left Bloc.


Ministry Occupant Party
Office of the Prime Minister Imperial Secretary of State Rania Mossadeq Socialists & Democrats
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Benvenuto Zanzi Socialists & Democrats
Ministry of Internal Affairs Vittoria Sabini Left Bloc
Underministry of Immigration and Integration ? Socialists & Democrats
Ministry of Finance Marco Piccolo Left Bloc
Ministry of Defence Simonetta Altissimi Socialists & Democrats
Ministry of Justice Salvatore Rella Socialists & Democrats
Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Maria Vittoria Paolelli Socialists & Democrats
Ministry of Health and Social Services Maria Tirso Left Bloc
Ministry of Education and Culture Jafar Hussain Socialists & Democrats
Ministry of Science and Technology Pietro Reggio Left Bloc
Ministry of Food and Agriculture Virginia Trigi Left Bloc
Ministry of Environment and Tourism Zara Aquilani Socialists & Democrats
Ministry of Trade and Industry Carola Vani Left Bloc
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