The Très Honorable Haute Cour de Conseil de Son Altesse royale (Her Royal Highness' Most Honorable High Court of Council) is the Monarch of Kanjor's most inner circle of advisors, appointed by the Monarch. Members of the Court are responsible for advising the Monarch on issues of State.





First Lord of the CourtEdit

The Court is headed by Premier Lord de la Cour (First Lord of the Court) who is chosen by the King/Queen. The Premier Lord is usually someone of national significance, supportive of the Monarchy, and seen as a person of considerable political influence.

Camille Daladier Edit

The first Premier Lord de la Cour was Camille Daladier, former Président of Kanjor, Chairman of the Parti Révolutionnaire des Travailleurs and International Peace Prize recipient. Daladier, despite his Communist views, was seen as a member of the Monarchy's inner circle, and was a significant figure in reconciling Kanjor's left-wing with the continuance of the Monarchy. However, Daladier's popularity and influence was believed to surpass even the King himself, and Daladier joined a faction composed of Court members opposed to King Patric. Daladier played a crucial role in the establishment of a Protectorate under his control, removing the King in all but name; this demonstrated the power and influence the position of Premier Lord was afforded.

François GualladetEdit

The second Premier Lord de la Cour was François Gualladet, former Premier Ministre of Kanjor, Chairman of the Union Royale; from Nasbourg, Martois


List of First LordsEdit

Picture Name Old Position(s) Term Notes
Imgjosé maría aznar1 Camille Daladier Président de la République Populaire de Kanjor
Chairman of the Parti Révolutionnaire des Travailleurs
Seigneur de Voubaix et Sieur de la Cour
2870 - 2884 First to be appointed Premier Lord by Royal decree on 1 September 2870.
François Gualladet François Gualladet Chairman of the Union Royale
Seigneur de Nasbourg et Sieur de la Cour
2884 - 2889 Second to be appointed Premier Lord by Royal decree on 1 September 2884. Arrested and murdered by Communists.
Tristan Armel Davout Tristan Armel Davout Chairman of the Union Royale 2884 - 2889 Third to be appointed Premier Lord by Royal decree on 1 April 3023, after a 139-year absence.

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