Mount Mother Superior is a large volcano on the island of Ananto in Kalistan. Mother Superior is the tallest mountain in both Ananto and all of Kalistan. It is part of the Angry Mountains of Ananto, a range that took its name from the mountains' tendancies to erupt in almost continuously. Of the Angry Mountains, Mount Mother Superior is by far the most active, and is the most active volcano in Seleya. It has erupted twelve times between 2345 and 2350. Mount Mother Superior is inside Mount Mother Superior National Park and the Mount Mother Superior Danger Zone.

Mount Mother Superior's highest peak is 16,237 feet (4,949 meters) tall, on the rim of the Mouth of Hell. The mountain has three different cones, each of which is active, however the Mouth of Hell, the highest and largest cone, accounts for more than three fourths of all eruptions (the other two are known as Empidocles' Pit and The Ulser). Eruptions from Mount Mother Superior rarely send lava beyond the national park, however Dahriel, 200 miles south, was leveled by lava in 1532, while Eveari has an often used volcano emergency plan because of its close proximity. Most of Ananto near the volcano, known as the Northeast Cape, is scarsely inhabited, and those who do live there have to pay extremely high insurance.

Mount Mother Superior is within Mount Mother Superior National Park, however much of the mountain is out of bounds of visitors due it is volitility, and is in the Mount Mother Superior Danger Zone. The only structure within the danger zone is the Saint Vulcan Monostary, which is has not been damaged since its foundation in 1532, when the last really devastating eruption took place. This relative calm on the part of the mountain has been attributed to the success of the monostarie's Vulcan Virgins, virgins who fling themselves into the lava lake inside the cone of the Mouth of Hell as a sacrifice on every full moon.

It is widely believed that Jimmy Hoffa's body was destroyed by being disguised as a comatose virgin and sacrificed to the mountain.

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