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Count Mstislav IV Pavlovich
15th Count of Pavlovia
CoronationNovember 12, 4102
PredecessorMstislav III
SuccessorCountess Karina I Diana Pavlova
BornJuly 19, 4079
Karpalosaari, Trigunia
DiedJuly 5, 4141
SpouseCountess Elisabet Pavlovna (née Djorik)
IssueCountess Kostina I Diana Pavlovna (b.4105) Baron Roshchin Eduard Pavlovich (b.4107, d. 4108)
Full name
Mstislav Nikodim Pavlovich
FatherMstislav III Pavlovich
MotherVeselova Inna Pavlovna

Count Mstislav IV Pavlovich (born Mstislav Nikodem Pavlova on July 19, 4079) was heir of the wealthy noble family of Pavlovich. He inherited all his father's money and wealth along with the title Baron Pavlova when his father died on November 9, 4102, and was crowned 3 days later on November 12, 4102. He Joined the Natsional'naya Rabochaya Partiya as a political activist in July, 4135, originally assuming the position of Minority Chancellor. In 4137 he was elected People's Chancellor, and under his regime the ideologies of the Labor sub-party he represented shifted from the working class to the elites, with him wishing to preserve the nobility and wealth. A disgruntled political activist of the Old Labor party approached him on July 3, 4141 and shot him several times, with him being pronounced dead two days later on July 5, 4141. His death caused a schism in his party that lost it the title of People's Chancellor and any real hope of one day seizing control of the party as a whole. His legacy is controversial, but most agree he was more detrimental than constructive to the Labor party.

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Mstislav Pavlovich

2nd People's Chancellor of the Natsional'naya Rabochaya Partiya
In office
November, 4137 – July, 4141
Serving with
Agnessa Borisova Radmila Yanovna Uvarova
Preceded by
Lesya Yemelyanovna

1st Minority Chancellor of the Natsional'naya Rabochaya Partiya
In office
June, 4135 – November, 4137
Serving with
Alexei Romanovich, Lesya Yemelyanovna
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Radmila Yanovna Uvarova

July 19, 4079
Karpalosaari, Trigunia
July 5, 4141
Political party
Labor (Natsional'naya Rabochaya Partiya
Elisabet Pavlovna (née Djorik)
Baroness Kostina Diana Pavlovna (b.4105) Baron Roshchin Eduard Pavlovich (b.4107, d. 4108)
Minority Chancellor