Muhammad Al-Qafir
Born May 1, 3084 (Bier Qassem, Badara)
Died 23 May 3158.

Badaran (self-considered as Majatran)

Religion Islam
Spouse Simin Al-Qafir
Children Gamal Muhammad Al-Qafir
Philosophic school Majatran communism, Marxism, Pan-Majatranism
Notable ideas (as a philosopher)

Co-founder of Majatran communism and main developer of the Theory of the Two Stages

Influenced by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Nasser and the Pan-Majatranist ideas
Influenced Socialist factions of the PMM and the MCP (international)
1st General Secretary of the Majatran Communist Party (Badara)
March 24, 3103 - present
Preceeded by First in office
Succeeded by Incumbent
Medals and Orders
Golden Star, Order of the Hammer and Sickle

Muhammad Al-Qafir (born May 1st, 3084) was the General Secretary of the Majatran Communist Party (Badara) and one of the most influential leaders of the Pan-Majatran Movement. Native of Bier Qassem (Badara) son of a the badaran syndicalist Gamal Al-Qafir and the kafuristani islamic feminist Ayda Al-Qafir.

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