Muhandae Group
Muhandae Logo
Type Chaebol
Industry Conglomerate
Founded 3420
Founder Park Seong
Headquarters Gongmangdo, Dankuk
Area served Dovani
Products Automobiles, consumer electronics, information technology, medical equipment, ships, telecommunications equipment
Services Advertising, construction, entertainment, financial services, hospitality, information and communications technology, retail
Subsidiaries Muhandae Construction, Muhandae Electronics, Muhandae Heavy Industries, Muhandae Motors, Muhandae Telecom
Wesbite www.muhandae.dr

Muhandae Group (Kyo: 무한대그룹) is a multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Gongmangdo, Dankuk. The corporation has five primary subsidiary businesses and it is the second largest chaebol (family-owned business conglomerate) in Dankuk.

Operations Edit

The Muhandae Group is composed a numerous companies across a highly diversified range of business activities. There are five primary companies that make up the majority of Muhandae operations.

Muhandae World Tower

Muhandae World Tower

Muhandae Construction Edit

Muhandae Construction is a prominent construction and civil engineering company that has built numerous urban residential complexes and commercial offices in Dankuk. The company was an early developer in the expansion of Seongtaek in the 3600s and it constructed Muhandae World Tower in 3645, a 108-floor mixed-use skyscraper that includes a luxury hotel, observation deck, and shopping mall.
Muhandae Dome City

Dome City

The company was also majorly involved in the construction of Seongtaek International Airport in 3640. Muhandae was the primary developer of the Dome City located in Seongtaek, which was completed in 3899. The Dome City is a massive mix-used site and shopping hub, featuring theatres, department stores, hotels, and galleries, among many other establishments.

Muhandae Electronics Edit

Muhandae Electronics is one of the major consumer electronics companies of Dankuk. It primarily manufactures televisions, computers, and mobile devices, as well as home appliances. Muhandae Electronics directly competes with Haedodi Corporation's consumer electronics subsidiary. While Muhandae is surpassed by Haedodi in the smartphone market, Muhandae is leads the market for televisions and computers.

Muhandae Heavy Industries Edit

Muhandae Heavy Industries is one of the leading shipbuilding companies of Dovani. Besides shipbuilding, the company is also active in manufacturing construction equipment, engines and machinery, and electric systems. The company is Dankuk's leading manufacturer of green energy products, such as wind turbines and geothermal pumps.

Muhandae Police Car

A Muhandae police car

Muhandae Motors Edit

Muhandae Motors is the largest automotive company in Dankuk. The company produces a variety of automobiles, ranging from sedans and SUVs to commercial-use trucks and buses.

Muhandae Telecom Edit

Muhandae Telecom is a one of the top telecommunications companies, providing integrated wired and wireless telecommunications services, as well as high-speed internet services. In addition to its telecommunication service offerings, the company owns a number of online brands, including the nations largest web portal/search engine, a mobile multimedia service, and an e-banking mobile application.

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