Devestation on the morning after

In August 2214 the newly formed Plaid Gyfreithiol Cymru held a music festival in Scientia, Elbian in protest at the Theta government's alleged merger of their "Religion" and the state. A combination of fires and riots led to the death of 29 people.

Mass Protest[edit | edit source]

The PGC had managed to tap in to growing anger at the government after President Hubbard had made an official press release praising Scientology.

The Music Festival of Protest in Elbian was the PGC's official reaction and it brought tens of thousands onto the festival field.

The Booked Animals were the headline act and singer Carmella Edwards got the crowd fired up by lashing out at the Church of Scientology's decleration of Nigel Clark, the NPP leader, as "Fair Game".

Tragedy[edit | edit source]

Soon after the Booked Animals left the stage however a mini-riot started in the middle of the crowd. Things quickly went out of control and by the morning 29 were dead and hundreds injured.

Theta and President Hubbard launched into a scathing attack, accusing the PGC of allowing drug dealers to operate at the festival. The allegations soon collapsed as nothing more than cannabis was found to have been consumed. The PGC were quick to note that the Theta press release had been published within an hour of the tragedy unfolding, seemingly pre-written.

Conspiracy Accusations[edit | edit source]

Soon the national newspapers were full of eyewitness accounts which suggested something more than over-enthusiastic revellers was at fault. Scientia citizens reported seeing 40 men turn up in a lorry as the Booked Animals's set came to a close. The men were dressed as most of the protestors were and split into ten groups of four and merge with the crowd. According to witnesses it was these men who began attacking protestors with baseball bats and petrol tins.

Some locals even claimed to have seen the local Chief of Police organise the men. Seven years later in 2221 the PGC government sacked 176 Elbian polie officers for corruption, including the Chief of Police.

No-one was ever prosecuted for the deaths of the 29 protestors, and what actually happened remains unproven.

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