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Mutualism is an economic theory part of anarchism that advocates for a society where both individual and collective properties are allowed, alongside free markets and mutual banks-credits. It is based on the idea of selling a product in order to receive an amount of labor to produce the same product. These ideas come from the thoughts of Torsten Weinfeld.

Mutualism opposes loans, investments and rents because they believe that you obtain it by not working. In labor, they support markets and property but they reject private land since they think that everyone owns land. They agree in personal property, but not in private property. Mutualists in favour of large industries, which differentiates them with individualists.


Free Association[]

Mutualists think that the best way to be organised in their society is through free association. It promotes the idea of joining a workers' association.

Mutual Credit and Bank[]

Mutualists want a free bank using a system of free credits. Their idea is to create a democratically run mutual bank to issue free credit for the benefit of the people.