Muzal City
Muzal K’alak’i


Muzal city.jpg
Central Muzal K'alak'i

Country Hobrazia
Region Muzalkaz
Government Federal district
  Governing body Administration
  President Goga Chavchavadze
  Ruling party(s) National Party
Population 1,740,312

Muzal K’alak’i (Hobrazian: მუზალ ქალაქი, Muzal K’alak’i; Luthorian: Muzal City) is the national capital of Hobrazia as well as the capital and largest city in the region of Muzalkaz.

Despite being a culturally and politically important city, it has historically been second to Astoria in terms of economic and cultural significance within Hobrazia. For example the Patriarch of Hobrazia within the Hobrazian Orthodox Church (as well as the equivalent figure in the Aurorian Patriarchal Church) is based in Astoria.

For the past hundred years or so though, Muzal K'alak'i has been the national capital and a city of increasing economic, political and cultural importance within the national landscape.

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