Flag of Muzalkaz
(Outdated) Map of Muzalkaz
Nation Hobrazian Republic
Regional Capital Muzal City
Leading Party Hobrazian National Front
Delegates to the Hobrazian National Assembly 7

Muzalkaz is a Mxare in the Hobrazian Republic. 


Muzalkaz is located in the north of Hobrazia It shares an international border the Holy Luthori Empire to its north.



Muzalkaz has the smallest economy in the Hobrazian Republic and average income is significantly lower the national average. Its average unemployment rate is about 9.57% - the highest in the country. Its econoomy is primarily agrarian, with some 45% of all workers engaged in this trade. Muzalkaz is famous for its wines which are exported and enoyed Terra-wide.


Muzalkaz has several tourist attractions, chief among them are the Five Fingers of Muzalkaz and a number of beautiful lakes.


Muzalkaz is governed at the mxare level by a provinical government led by a directly elected Governor.

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