Naji II
Sultan of Al'Badara
Protector of the Sacred Mosque
Naji II
Reign August 3173 - Present
Father Naji I of Kafuristan
Mother Maryam bin Asham al-Hammad
Spouse Unknown
  • Nūḥ, Crown Prince of Al'Badara
  • Emir Andraos
  • Emira Zumurrud
Titles and Styles
  • H.R.&I.M. the Sultan of Al'Badara
  • H.I.H. the Prince of Kafuristan
Date of Birth March 6th, 3141
Date of Death
Dynasty House of Al-Majali

His Royal & Imperial Majesty, Naji II, Sultan of the Majatran Sultanate of the United Badaran Emirates, Sultan of Sultans, Emir of Emirs, Descendant of the Holy Prophet Ahmad, Servant of Akim, Defender of the Abadi Faith, Commander of the Faithful, Champion of Jihad, Sword of Justice, Guardian of the Five Emirates, Protector of the Sacred Mosque, The Most Merciful & etc. (b. March 6th, 3141, Qasr al-Alam Imperial Palace, Lehonti, Kafuristan) was the reigning monarch of the Badaran throne from his accession to the throne in the year 3173 until his death in ????. The father of the Sultan, Naji I of Kafuristan, was considered by many the uncrowned monarch of Al'Badara. In honour of his father, the late Emperor, the Sultan styled himself Naji II. Sultan Naji II was the second son and third child of Naji I of Kafuristan and Maryam bin Asham al-Hammad; his paternal grandparents were Eisa I of Al'Badara and Aisha bin Taweed al-Faysal. Naji II was the younger sibling and brother to Hassuf I of Kafuristan and Emira Halima, and the older sibling and brother of Emir Ummar.

Titles, Styles, Honours and ArmsEdit

Titles and StylesEdit



  • Sultan of Al'Badara (August 3173 - Present)
  • Protector of the Sacred Mosque (August 3173 - Present)


  • His Royal and Imperial Majesty (August 3173 - Present)



  • Prince of Kafuristan (March 3141 - Present)


  • His Imperial Highness (March 3141 - Present)
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