Not to be confused with the Narikatonite Empire of 3125 - 3239
Imperia Narikaton
Darnussianflagtt7   2586-2599  Unionflag
Imperial Flag
Motto: Für Imperia
Government type Monarchy
Emperor Anton I
Governing parties Narikaton Imperial Front
Founded 2586
Language Narik
Capital Merenbürg
Largest city Merenbürg
 - Estimated
Currency Darnussian Rupan
Sport Football
Animal Eagle
Imperial Duchies
Narikaton, Nihaton, Clenon
Nation ID Number: 13

The Narikatonite Empire (Narik: Imperia Narikaton; informally described as the First Empire of Narikaton) was a nation that was created after the Narikaton Declaration of Independence. It was a constitutional monarchy governed by several noble houses, most notably the House of Darntus-Raux, House of Af Ehjnhelm and House of Ben-Aharon. Empire was reunited with the mainland in the peacetreaty and became part of the United Republic of Narikaton and Darnussia. New empress Antoniette I changed her title to Grand Duchess of Narikaton as part of the peace treaty.

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