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The Right Honorable
Natalja Oleksandrovna Aks'onova,
14th Countess of Tolokomansk
Nataliya Aksyonova.jpg
Namestnik Y.K.V.S. Velikiĭ Knyazʹ i Tsarʹ
Karl I, Styuard gosudarstva, i Zamestitelʹ Narodnogo

(Vicereine of HRNH Great Prince & Tsar Karl I, Steward of the State, and Deputy of the People)
Monarchs HRNH Great Prince & Tsar Karl II
Predecessor Vadim Artemjev
Personal Information
Date of Birth 3 March 3240 in Bretrinka, Yulratia, Trigunia
Date of Death
Spouse Captain Iosif Alexeyevich Shcherbatskoy
Father Oleksandr Yavlovovich Aksyonov, 13th Count of Tolokomansk
Mother Marija Romanovna Aks'onova
Alma Mater
  • City University of Bretrinka
  • City University of Artemjevsk
Religion Lutheran
Political Information
Political Party Trigunskaja Imperatorskaja Partija
Titles Held
  • Countess of Tolokomansk (3267 - Present)
  • Vicereine of Trigunia (3269 - Present)

The Right Honorable Nataliya Oleksandrovna Aks'onova, 15th Countess of Tolokomansk, NSZ, TVKS, VP, NTP (b. 3240 ) was the eldest child and daughter of The Right Honorable Oleksandr Yavlovovich Aks'onov, 13th Count of Tolokomansk.

Early Life[]

- born in Bretrinka, Yulratia, Trigunia; small city

- family were a noble family of modest means

- family exiled to nearby Dolgaria during the tenure of the Worker's Party of Trigunia; many nobles did the same, some, however, were killed during oppressive reign

- father was lawyer; mother was language teacher

- family had history as prominent members of the Trigunian Imperial Party


- educated in religions Lutheran Trigunian day school in Dolgaria set up for exiles

- in lat 3260s, Worker's Party of Trigunia regime thawed relations with exiles and many returned;

- during this time earned an initial degree in linguistics from the City University of Bretrinka

- advanced degree in law from the City University of Artemjevsk

- despite law degree, did not pursue the State Judicial Examination in order to practice law; instead began brief career

Non-Political & Political Career[]

- brief career working as member of the legal advisory team for the exiled Trigunian Imperial Party

- joined the party and rose through the internal ranks to become member of the Inner Cabinet

- gave famous speech at the 3269 party assembly soon after it returned to Trigunia; speech made headlines for its frank assessment of the former regime and the need to bring back "faith, markets, and liberty"

- she was approached by members, especially religious members, to be the candidate standing for President of Trigunian People's Republic; her statement at her speech (slightly misquoted) became her slogan for the upcoming presidential campaign of 3269

- the Worker's Party of Trigunia, unfamiliar with competitive elections barely ran a campaign which helped Aks'onova gain an easy victory with more than 97% of the vote, one of the most one-sided elections in Trigunian history

- upon her election, Aks'onova quickly reformed major aspects of Trigunian economy, culture, religion, and government

- reached out to the Worker's Party of Trigunia in order to ensure that the nation worked for all sides and to prevent knee-jerk reactions if the Worker's Party were ever to regain power

- Her next reform was to return the Great Prince back to power in the country and ensure that the rights of minorities, especially language rights, were reinstated and protected

- personally greeted many exiles as they returned to Trigunia; often religions leaders

- led to criticism that she was working solely for the exiles and not for those Trigunians who had stayed behind; Aks'onova made efforts to meet with organizations that represented Trigunian "stay-behinds"

- formed a Committee of Truth and Reconciliation to bring exiles, stay-behinds, and Worker's Party members together

Personal Life[]

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