Agenzia Nazionale Assicurazioni Sociali
National Agency for Social Insurances
Istalia ANAS logo
Formed July, 4172
Employees 87.000
Subordinate to Government of Istalia
Ministry of Health and Social Services
Legal Personality Governmental Agency
Legal Basis D.d.l. 01/4171 - Universal Healthcare and Welfare Reform
Profile • Pensions
• Social Insurances
• Social Services
Headquarters Romula
Ministry Responsible Ministry of Health and Social Services
Agency Executive Riccardo Garrone, Director General

The National Agency for Social Insurances (Istalian: Agenzia Nazionale Assicurazioni Sociali) is the government agency of Istalia established to handle the national social security, from retirement pay to child benefits, from unemployment benefits to sickness benefits, and so on.


  • Pensions
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Disability benefits and allowances
  • Parental Leave Benefit
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Child allowance (monetary support for children up to 16)
  • Housing benefit and allowance
  • Sickness benefits
  • Rehabilitation allowance

Pension schemes in detailEdit

In Istalia there is not a compulsory pensions system but the State offers a voluntary public pension combined with other voluntary private pensions. The choice is left to the citizens to whom, however, due to the the National Convention for the Social Universal Protection adopted in 4210, is recognized an universal National Social Assurance to cover a social pensions to the elders who, for different causes, were not able to afford or to join even the public scheme.

The ANAS, managing the public pension system, offers two pensions scheme to the citizens which can be combined:

  • The National Public Pension Scheme (NPPS) is the basic public pension scheme, calculated primarily on the years of work and on the work income and covered by the national taxation and the payroll contributions from employees and employers.
  • The Public Investment Pension Scheme (PIPS) is an additional pensions scheme to integrate the NPPS based on investments on the long-term: those who apply to join this additional scheme accept to invest their saving or part of their payroll contributions in many public and private funds managed by the ANAS so to increase their future pension amount.

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