National Alliance for the Empire
Alleanza Nazionale per l'Impero
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Party Leader
Davide Valentani
Viale della Vittoria 1, Romula
Student Wing
Student for the Empire
Youth Wing
Youth Alliance for the Empire
International Affiliation
Official Color
Political Position
164 / 681
2 / 5
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The National Alliance for the Empire, usually simply called as National Alliance or, although informally Imperial Alliance (in Istalian: Alleanza Nazionale per l'Impero, Alleanza Nazionale and Alleanza Imperiale), is an istalian electoral and parliamentary alliance of parties united by the common goal to support, defend and spread the Imperial Democratic Order estabilshed in Istalia in 4571 when Michele Appiano De Borromei was acclaimed first Emperor of the Istalians.

Before the 4571 Imperial Reform, the party was known as Coalition for the Democratic Cooperation, which was formed in 4562 as unitary electoral cartel to contrast the electoral lists connected and supported by the fascist Nationalist Workers Party. Most part of the political exponents of the Coalition belonged to the political movement founded by Michele Appiano De Borromei in 4552, Glory and Rebirth.


Glory and RebirthEdit

Glory and Rebirth was founded as party in 4552 by high ranks of the Armed Forces and politicians who in the past years have been persecuted by the thallerist regime, all led by the charismatic Aerial Squadron General Michele Appiano De Borromei, son of the anti-thallerist rebel leader Giulio Appiano De Borromei.
The party criticizes the restored Istalian Republic for its weakness, for failing to restore order and prosperity to the Istalian people, for the inability to escape from the deep crisis in which the country has fallen since the end of the previous century.
The party were firmly convinced that the misfortunes of the last 70 years of Istalia's life have been caused by an anti-Istalian conspiracy plotted by the enemies of the country. This, united to a strong ethical suprematism, considering the Istalian society and ethics as superior towards all other countries and peoples, pushed the party to adopt when at the power strongly xenophobic position and anti-immigration policies.
The party was also strongly anti-communist as well as anti-thallerist and if in the economic and civil sphere it supported very liberal policies, considered as policies that have made the country great in the past and that are better adapted to the nature of the istalians, in the political sphere the party members and supporters were convinced that the crisis that had even affected the long-lived, stable and powerful Fourth Republic was indicative of the fact that Istalia had to be re-build itself with a system that fiercely and solidly defends the country from further crises, hoping for 1000 years of glory, stability and greatness, a system that sees a strong and authoritative summit charged first of all with the defense of the State, the People and the Democratic Ideals of Istalia.

Coalition for the Democratic CooperationEdit

In 4560, before the second elections of the Fifth Republic, a new fascist party appeared on the political landscape, the Nationalist Workers Party, which, despite the numberous laws to contrast anti-democratic party, via legal escamotage was able to prepare and propose several electoral list, officially indipendent, but actually connected and led by the NWP.
The second most important member of Glory and Rebirth, Admiral Filippo Sartori, already last Head of Government of the provvisional post-thallerist government, in 4562 proposed to all the other parties accepted to compete to the elections to run together in a single national electoral list to better contrast the fascist threat. The big-tent party, called Coalition for the Democratic Cooperation, managed actually to defeat the fascist lists and to make re-elect Michele Appiano De Borromei. The Coalition was maintained as parliamentary unitary group until the Imperial Constitutional Reform of 4571. Between 4568 and 4571 the Coalition led as only party the Istalian politics. After the Imperial reform, however, several members of the National Congress and of the allied parties not entusiastical of the Imperial Reform left the Coalition to join the refounded Istalian Nationalist Party.

National Alliance for the EmpireEdit

The National Alliance led the first government of the Istalian Empire, focused mainly to finalize the Imperial Reform and to contrast the Nationalist Party from its attempt to undermine the recently adopted Imperial Reform. During the years, however, with the full stabilization of the Imperial Order, the National Alliance began to leave behind the experience of big-tent party to become a liberal party, pro-business, socially permissive, pluralist and solidly monarchist, loyal to the House of Appiano De Borromei.

Electoral HistoryEdit

National AssemblyEdit

National Assembly of the Istalian Empire
Number of votes
Total votes
% votes
4571 36,059,374 36,059,374 100
635 / 635
Increase635 1st Majority Government
4575 17,625,101 45,464,412 38.77
268 / 681
Increase268 2nd Opposition
4580 27,376,745 53,988,174 50.71
349 / 681
Increase81 1st Majority Government
4584 23,707,739 60,241,047 39.35
266 / 681
Decrease83 1st Coalition
4586 6,366,009 30,118,537 21.14
148 / 681
Decrease118 2nd Opposition
4590 6,195,844 29,171,097 21.24
153 / 681
Increase5 2nd Opposition
4594 6,069,945 28,711,790 21.14
146 / 681
Decrease7 2nd Opposition
4598 16,272,536 49,889,612 32.62
222 / 681
Increase76 2nd Opposition
4602 3,798,876 38,641,525 9.83
67 / 681
Decrease155 3rd Opposition
4606 2,755,682 32,183,597 8.56
58 / 681
Decrease9 5th Opposition
4610 3,276,569 29,494,386 11.11
75 / 681
Increase17 4th Opposition
4614 9,698,774 46,145,862 21.02
140 / 681
Increase65 3rd Opposition
4618 7,105,566 51,453,895 13.81
90 / 681
Decrease50 6th Hung Parliament
4621 6,502,710 47,603,721 13.66
90 / 681
Steady 4th Coalition
4625 7,366,533 54,408,530 13.54
95 / 681
Increase 5 3rd Opposition
4629 4,755,710 55,823,965 8.52
53 / 681
Decrease 42 7th Opposition
4631 6,687,824 51,294,885 13.04
84 / 681
Increase 31 7th Opposition
4635 7,971,550 51,797,282 15.39
105 / 681
Increase 21 4th Coalition
4639 8,889,502 50,867,492 17.48
118 / 681
Increase 13 4th Coalition
4642 13,064,070 50,304,38 25.97
173 / 681
Increase 55 3rd Coalition
4646 13,027,845 51,927,274 25.09
168 / 681
Decrease 5 2nd Opposition
4650 15,906,315 50,161,958 31.71
212 / 681
Increase 44 1st Opposition
4654 20,196,289 57,118,656 35.36
246 / 681
Increase 34 1st Coalition
4658 2,706,545 41,130,782 6.58
44 / 681
Decrease 168 6th Opposition
4662 3,070,670 30,728,953 9.99
68 / 681
Increase 24 6th Opposition
4666 13,662,377 56,230,315 24.30
164 / 681
Increase 96 1st Coalition

Institutional positions held by party exponentsEdit

Prime Minister Imperial Secretary of StateEdit

Prime Minister Imperial Secretary of State
Name Portrait Years
Damiano Valenti Damiano Valenti 4571-4575
Stefano Terenzi Stefano Terenzi 4654-4659
Davide Valentani Davide Valentani 4667-

Council of Ministers's members Edit

Council of Ministers' members
Government's member
Name Ministry
Valenti I 4571-4575 Damiano Valenti Prime Minister Imperial Secretary of State
Jad Salameh Foreign Affairs
Lucia Navelli Internal Affairs
Milik Al Sheriff Underministry of Immigration and Integration
Federico Tatti Finance
Adm. Ludovico Bertelli Defence
Bruno Martini Justice
Noemi Lisarno Infrastructure and Transport
Leandro Caterini Health and Social Services
Stefano Leali Education and Culture
Fadwa Kalifija Science and Tehnology
Paolo Baresi Food and Agriculture
Aisha Mercuri Environment and Tourism
Ahmad Al-Maktum Trade and Industry
Valenti II 4580-4584 Damiano Valenti Prime Minister Imperial Secretary of State
Jad Salameh Foreign Affairs
Milena Quattrociocche Internal Affairs
Malik Al Sheriff Underministry of Immigration and Integration
Karim Qadarsi Finance
Adm. Ludovico Bertelli Defence
Zahir Al-Farsun Justice
Marco Marchetti Infrastructure and Transport
Faten Al Marzouqi Health and Social Services
Stefano Leali Education and Culture
Zahra Shakkur Science and Tehnology
Paolo Baresi Food and Agriculture
Aisha Mercuri Environment and Tourism
Bruno Catellani Trade and Industry
Tarso II 4585-4586 Damiano Valenti Internal Affairs
Mohamed Qildari Underministry of Immigration and Integration
Valeria Bonanni Justice
Tomassi 4621- Stefano Terenzi Foreign Affairs
Nadir Odeh Science and Technology
Valeria Paoletti Environment and Tourism
Aloia 4621-4626 Stefano Terenzi Foreign Affairs
Valeria Bonanni Justice
Nadir Odeh Science and Technology
Carraro 4631-4635 Stefano Terenzi Foreign Affairs
Valeria Bonanni Justice
Nadir Odeh Science and Technology
Valeria Paoletti Environment and Tourism
Nasato 4642-4646 Stefano Terenzi Foreign Affairs
Saverio Nicoletti Internal Affairs
Alessandro De Palma Finance
Haneen Zahalka Defence
Armanno De Crescenzi Infrastructure and Transport
Imru El Barakeh Health and Social Services
Nadir Odeh Science and Technology
Terenzi 4654-4659 Stefano Terenzi Prime Minister Imperial Secretary of State
Luca Camerlenghi Foreign Affairs
Omar Saud Finance
Nicola Imposimato Defence
Tania Altobelli Health and Social Services
Pietro Torre Education and Culture
Ennio Urbena Environment and Tourism
Davide Valentani Trade and Industry
Valentani 4667- Davide Valentani Prime Minister Imperial Secretary of State
Malik Wahabi Foreign Affairs
Vittorio Salce Defence
Stefania De Crescenzi Justice
Pietro Torre Education and Culture
Lisa Simposio Science and Technology
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