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The National Conservative Patriotic Party is a right-wing party in Darnussia.


The NCPP was a small anti-Deltarian movement that made several ineffective attacks on the Deltarian occupiers in Darnussia. The NCPP formed a political party in 2349 and succesfully overthrew the Deltarians along with other political parties. The NCPP went through a coup in 2358, giving Robert Muammer full control of the party. The United Darnussian Democratics who were Robert Muammer's supporters couped the PRF. The PRF became the NCPP in 2359.


The NCPP is a social-conservative political party aiming to unite Darnussia. The NCPP favour patriotism and take a right-wing approach to morality. The NCPP in the future wants to establish better relations with other Artanian nations and supports Pan-Artanianism. The NCPP supports a free Jewish State in Beiteynu but does not support Jewish radicalism. The NCPP supports National conservatism, separate from conservatism. The NCPP does not have a particular stance on economics but favour a mixed economy.

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