Narodowy Instytut Świadczeń Socjalnych
National Institute of Social Services
Formed May 1, 4287
Employees 75.000
Subordinate to Government of Valruzia
Ministry of Helath and Social Services
Legal Personality Governmental Agency
Legal Basis Act on Establishment of National Institute of Social Services
Constitution of the Republic of Valruzia
Profile • Social Services
• Social Insurance
Headquarters Nowogard
Ministry Responsible Ministry of Health and Social Services
President Anna Karatosz

Narodowy Instytut Świadczeń Socjalnych, NISS (lut.: National Institute of Social Services) is a valruzian state fund, of which assets are managed by the Ministry of Health and Social Services. The NISS is responsible for securing funds and superannuations to de re-distributed as social insurances in the state pensionary system. Assets of the NISS are made up of superannuations, governmental subsidies, and short-term commercial loans. From the secured funds the Institute finances governmental expenses for the state pensionary system, disability and social benefits, sickness benefits, accident allowances and others. The NISS functions based on the Act on Establishment of National Institute of Social Services of May 4287.

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