The Nationale Liberale Partei (Luthorian: National Liberal Party) was founded in 4238 by Gunther Weingartner. It was dissolved in 4245.  

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Name Position



Gunther Weingartner
Cory Bernardi crop
Founder and Former Leader of Party 46 Deceased (Shot and died in hospital)
Phillip Rahner
Rand Paul official portrait 112th Congress
Former Deputy Leader and Party Spokesman for Foreign Affairs 71 Deceased

The 4239 election was a surprising success for the party which had considered itself lucky to get any seats in its first ever election. Despite the NLP's support however, the Thallerist Party could not form a government leading to new elections a year later. The NLP suffered a setback in which it lost many seats mainly due to the Left Faction of the Thallerist party picking up many seats. The 4241 followed another Bundestag in disarray as elections were called again. The NLP rebounded, regaining lost votes however the number of seats in the parliament was reduced meaning only 14 Mp's could remain. The 4243 Election saw the NLP enter government for the first time in a coalition with the ER and the RTN. It controlled the ministries of "Finance", "Environment and Tourism" and "Trade and Industry".

Weingartner was shot and killed by a member of the Liberal Party Paramilitary which Left the Pro-Thallerist Rahner leading the party. After the 4245 elections, Rahner disbanded the party and joined the Thallerists. The party officially merged into the Thallerist Iron Ring at the time and many of the NLP members made up the classical liberal wing of the party.

Election Performance Popular Vote Seats Swing (Seats)
4239 13.85%
71 / 500
Increase 71
4240 9.62%
49 / 500
4241 11.28%
14 / 129
4243 12.34%
15 / 129
4245 6.30%
7 / 129
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