National Royalist Party
Parti Royaliste Nationale
Abbreviation PRN
Leader Akna Secnatiel
President Severine Viellard-Coutel
Secretary-General Jean Luc Blanche
Founder Auriane Irène LaSalle-Aliénor
Founded 1st June 4302
Preceded by Lourennais Liberal Party
Headquarters 7000 Rue D'Or, Valois, Carolleux
Newspaper The Lourenne News
Student wing Students for Lourenne
Youth wing For Lourenne's Future
Women's wing Women for Lourenne
Membership 8,364,521
Ideology Monarchism, Social Liberalism, Canrillaise Protectionism, Orinco Protectionism
Political position Centre to Centre-Left
Royal Assembly
322 / 350
Principality governments
5 / 5

National Royalist Party (Canrillaise:Parti Royaliste Nationale ) is a centre-left political party in Lourenne. Since the creation of the party in 4302 after the fall of its predecessor, the Liberal Party, The National Royaliste Party has been one of Lourenne's most popular and largest political parties. For almost 200 years, the The National Royalist Party has dominated Lourennais politics and executive power.

History Edit

The Party was founded after the poisonous self-proclaimed monarchy was set up at the end of the 41st century. The National Royalist Party gained political power soon after a small coup d'etat in Lourenne. Shortly after establishing a one party state, the National Royalists guided Lourenne to a Golden Age. The Golden Age brought huge population boosts, wealth, and economic gains to Lourenne. For years the National Royalists held power in Lourenne, which only brought prosperity to Lourenne.

Present Day Edit

Currenly, The National Royalist Party is led by Akna Secnatiel, an Orinco-Lourennais politician from Valois. The NPR currently holds on to 52 seats in the Lourennais Royal Assembly. The National Royalists are based in Valois and always win the city's district in national elections. The NPR is also popular in Eroncourt, Avienne-les-Baines, and Delaune. The party currently holds the Ministry of Defense, The Ministry of Science and Technology, The Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Ideology Edit

The National Royalist party has deep liberal values. Since the beginning of the golden age in 4320, the party has mainly adopted social liberal values while tending to lean more to the centre in regards to the economy and military. The party has also championed for the protection of the Canrillaise language and culture as well as the minority Orinco population in Lourenne.

Coalitions Edit

The National Royalists have been part of 2 coalitions in the past and are currently in a coalition for the Lourennais Monarchy. The past coalitions that the NPR has been in are:


National Royalist Party's Headquarters in Valois

  • 4348-4361 (PPD-PLL) - Liberal Cooperation Alliance
  • 4384-4407 (LG/LV - PLL) Liberal-Green Alliance

Past Heads of State Edit

For years, The National Royalists Dominated the executive position of Lourenne when the country was a republic. Since the creation of the monarchy in Lourenne, many politicians from the NPR have held the vicereine/viceroy position.

  • Auriane Irène LaSalle-Aliénor (4302-4307)
  • Valèrie Forestier-Aliénor (4307-4320)
  • Marié Thérèse Orléans (4320-4333)
  • Isabelle Adelaide Orléans (4333-4340)
  • Éléonore Marié Orléans II (4340-4348)
  • Paul Antoine Capet-D'Orléans (4348-4359)
  • Julienne Valoir-D'Orléans (4359-4374)
  • Valérie Forestier-LaSalle )4374- 4382)
  • Marine Rachelle Capet (4398 - 4400)
  • Aurore-Anne D'Orléans (4409-4425)
  • Catherine LaSalle (4427-4444)
  • Noelle Germaine (4448-4450, 4456-4482)
  • Akna Secnatiel (4484-4486) *Most Recent
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