National Salvation Military Council
ChairpersonList of Chairmen of the NSMC
FoundersEdward Williams, August Reinhardt
FoundedJune 4595 (originally) June 4639 (revived)
BannedSeptember 4631 (1st time) September 4656 (2nd time)
Succeeded byClaimant
HeadquartersKivonia, Armonde
NewspaperGreat Kivonia Today
Student wingStudents for the National Salvation
Youth wingNational Youth
Women's wingWomen for a Great Kivonia
Armed wingKivonian Armed Forces
IdeologyNational Salvationism
Political positionOfficially
  • None

In practice

  • Right-wing
International affiliationAnti-Communist League (ACL)
Colours     Red      Blue (Customary)
National Salvation Assembly
75 / 75
National Provinces
5 / 5
Party flag
NSMC Flag.png

The National Salvation Military Council was a Kivonian military junta in Davostan who founded and ruled the Kivonian Republic and the Kivonian Empire. Its main goal was the restoring of order, security and to fill the political vacuum the chaos and anarchy had created in the pre-Kivonian era.

First Era: 4595-4620[edit | edit source]

In June of 4595, military officials went together to form the National Salvation Military Council, after years of political instability and no functioning government. The same month the NSMC with most of the armed forces took the capital city and ousted any political opposition that still existed, and declared the Council the official national government. August of 4595 an election was held with the NSMC as the only choice, as there were no other political party, the NSMC gained all 750 seats in the National Assembly. In January of 4596, Edward Williams was assassinated, and succeeded by August Reinhardt.

August Reinhardt formed in 4596 the Kivonian Republic with himself as its ruler through the position as Dictator of the Republic. He began working with lawmakers and council members to create and put forward the so called "Reforming Acts". These acts was to radically reform every aspects of society to get rid of the old communist policies that were still active.

On the 14 of February 4599 an assassination attempt was carried out on the life of Dictator August Reinhardt. As soon as the NSMC members Miranda Lippstadt and Ludwig Fort got news of the assassination from another NSMC member, Felix Louis, believing the Dictator to be dead, they suspiciously moved their 4th and 8th Armies to capture important cities around the nation. On the 15th February Lieutenant General Miranda Lippstadt moved her 4th Army towards the Republic's capital, Kivonia, and was surprisingly met by the 2nd Army headed by the newly appointed Major General Dieter Delvental. Lippstadt declared that the Dictator had been killed and that she and Lieutenant General Ludwig Fort were securing the future of the Republic so that the "Conspirators" that had supposedly killed Dictator Reinhardt, wouldn't be able to seize power. But another surprising revelation came to light when Major General Delvental revealed that Felix Louis which had allied himself with Lippstadt and Fort in planing of the coup, had actually betrayed the two and revealed the coup plans to Dictator Reinhardt. The plan was to kill Reinhardt and after seizing power through military means Lippstadt would be declared Dictator and Fort would become Consul; Head of Government. Shocked to learn that the Dictator was alive, Lieutenant General Lippstadt attacked the 2nd Army on the 15th of February, suffering many losses and realizing that she couldn't win the battle, retreated with her forces to Fort St. Celendus in the province of Tarkut, to regroup with the 8th Army led by Lieutenant General Ludwig Fort. And so with the Battle at the Kivonia Field, the Lippstadt Rebellion began...

The NSMC successfully reformed the Kivonian Republic to a more state controlled but freer society. During the Lippstadt Rebellion, Dictator Reinhardt occupied rebel controlled city of Fort St. Celendius and made contact with the Holy Ordered Church there. The Church asked the Dictator not to prosecute them as earlier regimes had done, and Dictator Reinhardt accepted their request as well as giving the defense of Fort St. Celendius to the Church's paramilitary force; the Paladins of the Order of Saint Ramune. The Highfather of the Church gave thousand thanks to the Dictator and pledged him their loyalty in the civil war. The Church became very active and won many battles beside the Kivonian Armed Forces. The Church was given gracious rewards after the war such as becoming the official state religion of Kivonia and they also got administrative control over the city of Fort St. Celendius, as well as three seats in the government.

The NSMC passed through the Dictatorial Cult Act I and by doing that officially renaming the city of Temirqal to Fort Reinhardt in honor of Dictator August Reinhardt's victory in the Battle of Temirqal. In the later Dictatorial Cult Act II, the cities of Desharyy was renamed Vermillion and Zenesharyy which was renamed St. Erwinsburg in honor of Dictator Reinhardt's father who ruled Davostan behind the scenes for 42 years, the city was planned to be renamed to Erwinsburg but after a personal request from Dictator Reinhardt to the Highfather of the Holy Ordered Church to give his late father, Erwin Reinhardt, the sainthood, it was accepted and the proposed name was changed to St. Erwinsburg.

After the Lippstadt Rebellion, the NRF began a small and insufficient guerrilla warfare against the Kivonian Armed Forces. Though the KAF was quick to end many of the attacks, the NRF fled to the Commonwealth of Hutori and was allowed to set up a "Government in exile" known as the Republic of Davostan. This caused tensions between the governments of Kivonia and Hutori, causing the NSMC to put economic sanctions and ban all Hutorian diplomats from Kivonia as well as mobilizing the border between the two nations after a discovery by the Kivonian Intelligence Service of a planned military operation against the Kivonian Republic. As tensions rose, the Hutorian government invited Dictator Reinhardt to Hutoris capital of Bekenial, by their surprise Reinhardt accepted and discussed an agreement with Hutori and the NRF to end hostilities. The NRF made unreasonable demands, while the Hutorian Prime Minister and the Kivonian Dictator discussed and agreed on a deal to allow political parties to be freely established, religion of freedom to be a guarantee in the Kivonian constitution, demilitarization of the Kivonia-Hutori border and for the next 3 general elections in Kivonia there would be Hutori observers to make sure they are legitimate. After the agreement was signed and the Kivonian constitution changed, the Hutorian government recognized the NSMC as the true government of Kivonia as well as banning all operations of the NRF on Hutori soil.

After consolidating his power and getting rid of the remnants of the NRF, August Reinhardt ruled in peace with support from the population growing every day. Though the people loved Reinhardt, there were does who worried about the possibility of him declaring himself King or Emperor. One of those were council member Maj Gen. Charles Branch. At the time of Reinhardt's assassination, Grand Com. Dieter Delvental was stationed in the city of Fort Reinhardt and the Marshal of Vermillion was stationed in the city of Vermillion. And at the same time Deputy Chairman Louise von Bratt was occupied in a meeting in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was revealed that Charles Branch had requested an audience with Reinhardt in the Dictators office at the NSMC Headquarters, where they met. Forensics later revealed that Charles Branch had stabbed Reinhardt in the gut, but that Reinhardt was able to reach his pistol and get a fatal shot through the throat at Branch. Reinhardt though he had been wounded was able to get himself to the NSMC Meeting Hall, where he later was found dead laying below the Dictators chair (throne).

After a suspicious message was delivered to Deputy Chairman Louis von Bratt, she rushed out of the meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the NSMC Headquarters, but was to late after she had found Reinhardt dead. Some say that she had found him alive, but was unable to save him so she stayed by his side until his death, some also claim that his last words to Louise von Bratt was "Augustina" (August Reinhardt's sister). No matter what had happened, the first thing she did was to meet Augustina Reinhardt. What was discussed between the two is unknown but what happened afterwards was the real problem. Louise von Bratt started mobilizing her forces and Augustina Reinhardt took her son Augustus Reinhardt and fled to the island of Davos at St. Erwinsburg. Louise von Bratt later declared her intentions of becoming the new Dictator but was quickly opposed by Grand Com. Dieter Delvental who was considered to be Reinhardt's right hand man and obvious successor. This conflict between the two escalated into a conflict known as Reinhardt's Succession War. After a few major battles and the death of Lt Gen. Louise von Bratt and Lt Gen. Julian Castle, Dieter Delvental was chosen as the new Chairman of the NSMC and declared as the new Dictator of the Kivonian Republic.

After reigning for 7 years Dieter Delvental was overthrown by the Minister of Internal Affairs; Kristoff Silfver, which resulted in Delvental's death during the Battle of Kivonia on 20th April 4616. Commander Silfver had now been given the position of Dictator by the NSMC who now recognizes him as the victor of the battle. Other military commanders has looked to the rumored successor to Delvental, the Marshal of Vermillion; Oskar Hartenstein for action. The Marshal simply responded with accepting and recognizing Silfver as the new Dictator of the Republic and with that proclamation the rest of the military did the same. On the 3rd of March 4620 the Marshal of Vermillion; Oskar Hartenstein launched a coup himself against Dictator Kristoff Silfver and successfully killed him in the process. The National Salvation Military Council declared the Marshal as the new Dictator, but surprisingly he refused the position and instead declared that the Republic would be reorganized in to the Kivonian Empire. The Empire, he declared would be ruled by the soon to form Vermillion Dynasty. Many were shocked especially the Republicans and the devout supporters of the founder of the Republic; Dictator Reinhardt.

Second Era: 4620-4628[edit | edit source]

The Marshal of Vermillion had with great speed drawn up and begun the process of reorganizing the Republic into the Empire. Though not the Dictator he has assumed the position of Chairman of the National Salvation Military Council and the Consul of the Republic as the temporary Head of State and Head of Government of the Republic. The new Empire would be ruled by the soon to be formed Vermillion Dynasty, which was a merger between the Marshal's Hartenstein family and his spouse's noble house of Bergeshöhen. The future Empress Consort was the Lady of Vermillion; Katarina von Bergeshöhen her children with the Marshal became the other two members of the new Imperial Family, Crown Prince Oskar (future Emperor Vermillion; Oskar II) and Princess Vermillion Hilda. There was a brief conflict in 4620 known as the Vermillion War, it was an attempt by Republicans to try to violently stop Hartenstein with his plans to transform the Republic. Oskar Hartenstein was proclaimed Emperor Oskar I of the Kivonian Empire, he appointed Otto von Ehrhardt as the new Consul of the Empire. Oskar I reigned until his death in 4628. Prince Vermillion Oskar succeeded his father and became Emperor Oskar II, his reign was short however, and republican remnants launched an assault on the capital of the Empire, resulting in the event known as the Massacre of Kivonia, it was an event which directly caused the downfall of Kivonia. The NSMC split into imperial and republican forces in the city of Kivonia and battled each other for three months, this battled resulted in the deaths of the entire government, the entire NSMC and the entire Imperial family, even the Emperor and Consul Otto von Ehrhardt. This was the major fall of the NSMC and Kivonia.

Third Era: 4639-4656[edit | edit source]

The daughter of Dictator August Reinhardt, Elise Reinhardt revived the National Salvation Military Council in 4639 in order to fight for her father's ideals and for a stable Kivonia, another major reason was to reclaim the Kivonian state from the First Noble Socialist Party which had resurrected the state as the New Kivonian Republic, and had formed the National Kivonian Vector of Defense (NKVD) who hunted the remnants of the NSMC. She launched a coup d'état against FNSP government in 4644 and established herself as the First Consul of the Republic, she immediately legitimized her rule through an election, were the NSMC won against the FNSP and gained exactly a 2/3rd of the National Assembly. She ruled Kivonia until late August 4656 when she was assassinated as her father before her, the NSMC collapsed once more.

Successor parties[edit | edit source]

Claimants[edit | edit source]

There have been a few parties claiming to be the successor to the National Salvation Military Council, all of them has driven a platform of Kivonian Nationalism and Kivonian Republicanism but still holds a large amount of pride and respect for the Kivonian Imperial past, even if it isn't as much as the Republican past.

Kivonian Republican Party[edit | edit source]

The first claimant party is the Kivonian Republican Party (KRP), founded in March 4710 by Germund Erichsen, it ran through its short existence on a hosian democratic platform with a goal to reestablish the Kivonian Republic.

Kivonian National Salvation Party[edit | edit source]

The Kivonian National Salvation Party is the second and most recent claimant party who has received support from military officials and some speculations even goes up to the military leadership. This has caused supporters of the old regime to claim that the KNSP has some legitimacy as a successor, but, that no one can truly become a true and legal successor until they've established a reinhardtian Kivonian state by rule of the Way of National Salvation.

The Council[edit | edit source]

No. Name Portrait
1: Chairman Elise Reinhardt
2: Deputy Chairman -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -

Former Council Members[edit | edit source]

No. Name Period
1: Chairman Edward


4595 - 4596
6 Miranda


4595 - 4599
8 Ludwig


4595 - 4599
4 Julian


4595 - 4602
1: Chairman

2: Deputy Chairman



4596 - 4609

4595 - 4596

2: Deputy Chairman Louise

von Bratt

4596 - 4609
5 Charles


4595 - 4609
9 Anthony


4595 - 4609
1: Chairman Dieter


4602 - 4616
1: Chairman Kristoff


4616 - 4620

NSMC Dictators[edit | edit source]

No. Name Portrait Period
1 August


Dictator August Reinhardt.jpg
4596 - 4609
2 Dieter


Dieter Delvental.JPG
4609 - 4616
3 Kristoff


Dictator Kristoff Silfver.jpg
4616 - 4620

Electoral Results[edit | edit source]

Year % +/- Seats +/- Status Position
4595 100.00 New
750 / 750
Increase 750 In government 1st
4596 100.00 0.00 %
750 / 750
750 In government 1st
36 / 75
Decrease 39 In Government 2nd

Emblems[edit | edit source]

Flag of the NSMC

Government Seal of the Republic

Logo of the National News Service: Great Kivonia Today

Popular electoral symbol

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