The National Union Party (Egelion)

The National Union Party (NUP) is the current governing party of the Federal Republic of Egelion. It was formed in August 2011 when a variety of conservative political figures who were united only by their hatred of liberalism met and elected Joshua Lyman, the ex-president of the Small Business Federation as party chairman.


The NUP is a classic catch all party with a diverse mix of adherents. It is however generally considered to be a socially conservative party with corporatist economic views. It favours a mixed economy whereby a strong welfare state is coupled with a free market economy. This is consistent with Solduni social teaching which is based on a political treatise by  


The NUP has strong support amongst farmers, blue collar workers and public sector employees. It also has significant support from the urban middle class in general as well. Membership was estimated in mid 3411 to be around 1,375,000..