National Union for Likatonian Prosperity
National Union for Likatonian Prosperity
Abbreviation NULP
Leader Pete W. Kevinston
Headquarters Georgetown, West Bolton, Likatonia
Student wing Union of Patriotic Likatonian Pioneers
Youth wing The Young Patriots
Women's wing National Unionist Likatonian Women's League
Labor wing Likatonian Labour Front
Paramilitary wing The Gray Shirts
Membership 6,000,000 (self-claimed)
Ideology Likatonian Fascism
Political position Far-Right
Religion Hosianism
Slogan "People rise up & unleash the Storm!"
Anthem Horst-Wessel-Lied
23 / 100

The "National Union for Likatonian Prosperity" is a Far-Right party in the Federal Republic of Likatonia.

Political Position Edit

Economic Policies Edit

National Unionists generally have an unusual belief of regulated, subsidized market with employer and employee syndicates being linked together in corporative associations to collectively represent the nation's economic producers and work alongside the state as the way for economic prosperity & welfare for all Likatonians. The economic ideology usually aligns with the classical fascists who also believed in Corporatism. Although, as anti-capitalists. National Unionists doesn't generally believe in the abolishment of private property. Capital accumulation, voluntary exchange, price system and competitive markets are fundamentals of capitalism and yet can still exist but some are regulated & taxed while others aren't. As for Welfare, the National Unionists usually push for a robust welfare system that could provide for all Likatonians and eliminate poverty of the nation. The welfare agency would, as National Unionists called it "project a powerful image of caring and support for the people".

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