The Native belief systems of the Indigenous people's of Sekowo are diverse and unique do to Sekowo encompassing a great deal of diverse and not always connected territory.

The major indigenous belief systems of Sekowo can be classified into five different groups;

  • Animism
  • Monotheism
  • Nontheistic
  • Polytheism
  • Spiritualism

Animism[edit | edit source]

Animism is the belief that Humans are not the only entities that posses a soul. Animism among indigenous groups of Sekowo primarily take two forms; Limited Animism and Universal Natural Animism. Animism itself of some sort is highly prevalent among many indigenous groups of Sekowo, however Animism as an exclusive belief itself is not highly prevalent, but rather is generally found as part of a belief system incorporating aspects of other belief systems.

Shinto is a unique form of Animism that promotes the idea that all things, alive or inanimate possess a Kami, literally Spirit.

Limited Animism[edit | edit source]

Limited Animism is one of the two forms of Animism found among indigenous groups. Limited animism at its basics is the belief that while Humans are not the only things with souls, not everything has a soul.

Examples of this belief system are Kurao, though many smaller groups incorporate beliefs that would be classified as Limited Animism.

Universal Natural Animism[edit | edit source]

Universal Natural Animism is the second form of Animism found among indigenous groups in Sekowo. Universal Natural Animism is the belief that all living things have, both Animal and Plant have souls.

The most well known example of this system is found among the beliefs of several Kli'kut tribal groups.

Monotheism[edit | edit source]

Monotheism is defined as any belief system which professes the belief in a single deity. Among the indigenous people's of Sekowo monotheism is relatively rare.

While it is thought that several small tribes follow beliefs that would be described as monotheistic the most well known native religion espousing monotheism is that of the native Yalay people of Tropica minor.

Nontheistic Belief Systems[edit | edit source]

Belief systems that are nontheistic in nature, that is the absence of the belief in a deity is common among the indigenous people's of western Sekowo, particularly among Gao-Showa and the Kli'kut.

Nontheistic beliefs make up the largest plurality (at 40%) of indigenous belief systems among the native peoples of Sekowo.

Polytheism[edit | edit source]

Polytheism is the belief in multiple deities. Among the indigenous groups of Sekowo polytheism makes up the third largest plurality of native belief systems.

The most well known example of polytheism among the indigenous groups of Sekowo is Hellenic Polytheism, however the true extent in which this has ever been 'natural' is questioned by experts.

Spiritualism[edit | edit source]

Spiritualism is the belief that a deity like spirit exists but is not the 'creator' of the Universe or Humanity.

Spiritualism is highly prevalent among the various native people's of Lyore.

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