Natural Law League
Istalian nameLega Giusnaturalistica
ChairmanTeodoro Carraro
FoundedSeptember 4614
Headquarters86 Piazza del Commercio, Romula, Mezzodiurno
Think tankDelfina Institute
Political positionCenter-Right
Colors     Orange
Assemblea Nazionale dell'Impero
129 / 681
The Lega Giusnaturalistica (Luthorian: Natural Law League) is a classical liberal political party in Istalia. Founded by Leo Tomassi and the board of the Delfina Institute in September 4614 in response to the extended period of socialist governance, LG as the party is also known has already received a great deal of support in its early elections - including forming the lead role in Tomassi's Cabinet.


Electoral ResultsEdit

National Assembly of the Empire
Year Votes Seats Status Position
 % # # +/–
4618 18.51% 9,524,610
129 / 681
Increase 129 Opposition 2nd
4621 19.33% 9,202,208
129 / 681
Steady 0 Coalition
Steady 2nd
4625 10.20% 5,547,667
68 / 681
Decrease 61 Opposition Decrease 7th
4629 19.02% 10,615,752
129 / 681
Increase 61 Coalition Increase 2nd
4631 20.58% 10,554,292
138 / 681
Increase 9 Coalition Steady 2nd
4635 18.71% 9,692,067
129 / 681
Decrease 9 Coalition
Increase 1st

Political PositionsEdit


Party LeadersEdit

# Portrait Name Lifespan Leadership Cabinets
Leo Tomassi (LG-Istalia)
Leo Tomassi 4561-Present 4614-4626 Tomassi
Leo Tomassi was born in Romula, Mezzodiurno in 4561 to a lower-middle class family. He attended public schools and eventually earned a scholarship to the prestigious University of Bunogna. From there, he went on to earn a doctorate in social and political philosophy. Tomassi was always actively engaged in classical liberal politics, and so was a natural fit to join the Delfina Institute as its Vice President for Political Thought in 4605. He would then be elevated to the Institute's Chairman, a position initially held by Apostolos Masin of the Confederazione Capitalista. By 4614, and at Tomassi's urging, the Delfina Institute authorized the creation of LG, under Tomassi's control. Tomassi would then go on to lead the League in three elections (4618, 4621, 4625), winning the second election and governing as Prime Minister in the cabinet that bore his name - the first right-wing cabinet in three dozen years. After electoral losses in 4625 (attributed in part to Tomassi's disdain for campaigning), he resigned as Leader of LG and resumed his position as Chairman of the Delfina Institute.
Teodoro Carraro (LG-Istalia)
Teodoro Carraro 4585-Present 4626-Present Tomassi, Perrelli, Aloia, Carraro
Born in Nepoli, Mezzodiurno in 4585, Carraro attended the Milona High School of Economics for his education. There, he fell in love with economic thought in the liberal tradition. He would go on to work for the Delfina Institute as a policy analyst in 4610 and from there would go on to become a founding member of the Lega Giusnaturalistica. While many in the economics team at the Institute decided to remain there, Carraro ventured into politics, winning a seat in 4618 and soon thereafter in 4621 served as Finance Minister under Leo Tomassi, one of the youngest ministers in that government. After Tomassi resigned, Carraro became leader of the LG in 4626. Taking over after devastating losses, Carraro emphasized the party's competence at governance and would lead a comeback in 4629 and 4631. He would reprise the role of Minister of Finance before leading LG to a plurality in the National Assembly in 4635, leading to the formation of his own cabinet.
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