The Naval Party of Hutori is current minor party in Hutori, is led by Liam Sorenson. It was founded in Feb 5th, 4695. The NPH has 111 Seats in the Parliament of Hutori

KU Navy Jack

Official Flag of Naval Party of Hutori

Electoral HistoryEdit

Election Year President of NPH Seats Differ of Seats Government Status
May 4698 Liam Sorenson 0 0 Not in Parliament
May 4702 Liam Sorenson 207 + 207 Official Opposition/Government
September 4704 Liam Sorenson 140 -67 Official Opposition/Government
September 4708 Liam Sorenson 114 -26 No Government
September 4712 Liam Sorenson 90 -24 No Government
August 4713 Liam Sorenson 111 +21 No Government

List of Presidents of the NPHEdit

Name of President of NPH Took Office Left Office Prior Offices Vice President(s) of NPH
Liam Sorenson Feb 5th, 4695 April 5th, 4695 (Resigned) High School Teacher

Vacant (Feb. 4695-March 4695)

Mark Cruz (March 4695-April 4695)

Mark Cruz April 5th, 4695 October 21st, 4695 (Assassinated) 1st Vice President of NPH Liam Sorenson 
Liam Sorenson October 21st, 4695 Incrumbent 1st President and 2nd Vice President of NPH

Vacant (Oct 4695-Feb 4696)

Jill Summer (Feb 4696-)

Party AffiliationEdit

  • United Nationalist- Candidate
  • The Front for Rebirth- Full
  • Liberal- Candidate

Party Incidents or EventsEdit

  • Mark Cruz was appointed to become 1st Vice President of NPH, became 2nd President of NPH after Liam resigned
  • Liam Sorenson resigned from the Presidency of NPH, became 2nd Vice President
  • Attempted Assassination on Vice President Sorenson on July 7th, 4695.
  • President Cruz was shot and killed in a drive by-shooting on October 21st, 4695, Vice President Sorenson has took over the Leadership of NPH again. 
  • President Sorenson has appointed Jill Summer as the 3rd Vice President of NPH. 
  • May 4702 Election, NPH gained 207 seats and made Official Opposition in Parliament of Hutori and have some Ministes in the National Cabinet.
  • September 4704 election, NPH lost 67 seats but stayed as the Offiicial Opposition in Parliament.
  • September 4708 election, NPH lost 26 seats and are third party in Parliament and has no government position.
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