Type Party official newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner Democratic National Party
Editor Stefano Ricollo
Headquarters Istalia
Political Alignment Democratic National Party (Right)
Country Istalia
Circulation 187,000
Employees 263
The Nazionale (Luthorian: National) is an Istalian newspaper, the official journal of the Democratic National Party and previously of its predecessor, Istalian Alternative.

It was founded in 4261 on initiative of Franco Ricollo, second leader of Istalian Alternative after the founder of Beniamino Massa.

The journal has been active since its foundation a part the period during which the padagnan branch of Istalian Alternative controlled the party since 4283 to 4296 (when the whole party was rebaptized Padagnan Nationalist Party). When the party "re-Istalianize" the Nazionale restarted its activity following the evolution of the party.

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