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Trigunian Petroleum Company

Trygonya Neftyanaya Kompaniya

Type Public
Traded as NFTK
Industry Oil and Natural Gas
Founded June 3534
Headquarters 42, Mitaly Street, Petrovgrad, Vrosnok
Key people Rodion Lyutov (Chairman)
Bogdan Ilyushin(Deputy Chairman)
Products Petroleum, natural gas, and other petrochemicals
Services Gas pipeline transport
Revenue LOD$179.3b (3972)
Net income LOD$30.5b (3972)
Owners Trigunian Government (75.00%)
Employees 282,000

Trigunian Petroleum Cmpany (Trigunian: Трыгоня нефтяная компания;; Trygonya Neftyanaya Kompaniya), is the largest oil and natural gas extractor in Trigunia and one of the largest companies in the Kerisian Union. Its headquaters is in Novy Olvar in Lesnov. The company is commonly known as Neftkomp, which is a contraction of the Trigunian Name of the Company.


The management of Neftkomp is conducted through three levels the Board of directors, the Management Committee and the major independent shareholders of the company. The board of directors is appointed by the company employees themselves and is led by the Chairman of the board of directors who is appointed by the government, namely the Minister-President. The next level, and perhaps the most important of the company is the management committee which is responsible for the day to day operations of the company, the CEO is appointed by joint compromise of the Trigunian government and employees. The Chairman of the board of directors is Rodion Lyutov (since April 3917) and Bogdan Ilyushin is Deputy Chairman of the board of directors.