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Trigunian Petroleum Corporation
Native name
Тригунианская нефтяная корпорация
Romanized name
Trigunianskaya neftyanaya korporatsiya
Industry Oil and Natural Gas
Founded June 3534
Headquarters ,
Products Petroleum, natural gas, and other petrochemicals
Services Gas pipeline transport
Owner Trigunian government
Number of employees

Trigunian Petroleum Company (Rodshyan: Тригунианская нефтяная корпорация; tr. Trigunianskaya neftyanaya korporatsiya) commonly called Neftkomp is the state-owned oil and natural gas extractor in Trigunia and according to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Nations (OPEN), the current largest in the world. Neftkomp has its primary headquarters in Rodshyadam, Radin and others in Novy Olvar, Lesnov. They also maintain another HQ at 42 Mitaly Street, Petrovgrad, Vrosnok.

In 5341, Neftkomp entered into a distribution partnership with Beiteynuese shipping conglomerate Hadayim, which led Neftkomp's alignment with the shipping industry of Beiteynu in general.

Corporate affairs[]

The management of Neftkomp is conducted through three levels the Board of Directors, the Management Committee and the major independent shareholders of the company. The board of directors is appointed by the company employees themselves and is led by the Chairman of the board of directors who is appointed by the government, namely the head of state or head of government. The next level, and perhaps the most important of the company is the management committee which is responsible for the day to day operations of the company, the CEO is appointed by joint compromise of the Trigunian government and employees.

Corporate officers[]

  • Rodion Lyutov (Chairman of the Board of Directors; April 3917)
    • Bogdan Ilyushin (Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors; April 3917)
  • Arkadiy Romanovich Kurchin (Chairman of the Board of Directors; February, 5187)
    • Semyon Ivanovich Losevsky (CEO; February, 5187)
    • Korney Aleskeevich Teplov (Chief Engineering Officer; February, 5187)
    • Nil Mikhailovich Ryabkov (former Chief Financial Officer; February, 5187 through January, 5200)


Wholly owned[]

  • Kamogaz (Rodshyan: Карина Морская Газовая Корпорация; tr. Karina Morskaya Gazovaya Korporatsiya) - The Carina Sea Gas Corporation is a wholly owned by Neftkomp and was responsible for the operations in Utari Mosir related to oil, gas and pipeline. In October 5329 the government of Utari Mosir formed Karinanafthaz to manage all oil/gas operations in Utari Mosir's area of the Sea of Carina, this left Kamogaz to operate pipelines from North Dovani to the Sea of Carina and port terminals.
  • Neftkompexport - Neftkompexport was formed in October 5388 to manage and coordinate all export activities of Neftkomp.

Partially owned[]

  • Neftkompbank - Neftkompbank was formed in October 5388 as a semi-private financial institution. (53%)
  • OAO Strotransneft (Luthorian: Oil Transportation Construction Company) - Major Trigunian oil and gas construction firm. (15%)