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Neo-Pagan Churches of Trigunia


Theistic Philosophy Soft Polytheistic (Henotheistic) and Panentheistic
High Pantheon The Great Spirit
Mid Pantheon Prophets and Angels
Low Pantheon Everything and Everyone
Major Prophets Jesus, Rabbi Karl Langenscheidt XVIII, and Father Ivan Ivanov
Chairman of the Commitee Father Ivan Ivanov,
Headquarters Cheya, Milrata, Trigunia
Founder First Trigunian Neo-Pagan Conference
Founded January 2808

History of Trigunian Paganism and the Church[]

Originally the religion of the Ancient Trigunian people, Trigunian Paganism thrived until the Terran Catholic Church purged it and left little known record of it. In 2801, archaeologists discovered documents from Ancient Trigunia and within five years the religious documents were being read and studied across Trigunia.

In 2805, the first Neo-Pagan Church was founded in Cheya, Milrata by Father Ivan Ivanov, formerly of the Terran Catholic Church.

Rulings by the Church Commitee[]

First Trigunian Neo-Pagan Conference (January 2808)[]

- Abortion: Abortion should be restricted to Medical emergencies or if the mother did not consent to the sexual relations that produced the fetus.

- Sexuality: All people should be as they feel they are, for this is how the Great Spirit wants them to be.

- Euthanasia: It is the right of every person to do as the Great Spirit guides them.

- Human Cloning: Human Cloning should be studied, but people should be careful what they do with it.

- Religious schools: Religious Schooling is suggested for the development of a healthy understanding of one's religion.

- Clergy: From among the members of each congregation shall be appointed one who shall lead the others in religious practice and attend the annual conference in the name of the congregation. Also, all congregations should have a medicine man for any practice which the congregation can't perform themselves

- Sodomy: Is allowed.

- Contraception: Contraception should be allowed and should be paid for for those who cannot afford it by the Congregation if the state does not pay for it.

- Stem Cell Research: It is the opinion of the commitee that Stem Cell Research is a great and neccessary part of medicine.

- Genetically Modified Produce: While GM foods should be avoided, they are not banned by the commitee. The Churches are free to ban them for their congregants.

- Death Penalty: The Death Penalty is not allowed, however prisoners have the right to euthenasia that the sick have.

- It is the sense of the FGCT that the Church and State ought to be seperated: no one should force their beliefs unto others.

- Alcohol and drugs take us further away from God and should be banned.

- Gambling: Gambling is a great form of entertainment and is endorsed by the Churches as a form of spiritual enlightenment.

- Space Exploration: Space exploration is beneficial for humanity.

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