Neo Mordusians
Party-PresidentElyot Zum Zimeon
Vice Party-PresidentAldway Strudwicke
Secretary-GeneralPhilippa Dawson
Parliament ChairRobert Gallentine
Founded16th January 4799
NewspaperThe New Mordusian Light
Student wingNeo Mordusian Students
Youth wingNeo Mordusian Youth
Women's wingNeo Mordusian Maidens
IdeologyNeo Terran Thought
Political positionThird Way
Colors     Dark red
Slogan"Hail Terra"
102 / 365
States held
2 / 5
Party flag
Neom flag

The Neo Mordusians (abbreviated and commonly referred to as NEOM) is a populist and philosophically nihilistic political party in Mordusia advocating for the total commitment of the Mordusian nation and people for the cause of destroying the world and creating a new "perfect" one in its place.

The party was founded in January 4799 by Elyot Zum Zimeon, a Mordusian-Dorvish philosopher and former military officer. Zimeon had written several essays about his ideological philosophy of bringing humanity towards betterment of total salvation through eternal peace and prosperity. He called this "Neo Terran Thought", and that to achieve such prosperity, humanity would need to be forced to progress by destroying the existing world and creating "a perfect one" in its place. To establish this order, Zimeon declared that he would give the Mordusian nation this torch.

Organization Edit

The party is governed by the Standing Committee, on this committee the Party-President, the Vice Party-President, the Parliament Chair and the Secretary-General sits. Every five year, the Congress of the party meet, this congress is a simple formality to display public participance in the process of decision-making within the party.

Party Leaders
Name Portrait Term Age


Other major offices
Elyot Zum Zimeon
Elyot Zum Zimeon
4799 -
29 -

Electoral resultsEdit

Legislative electionsEdit

Date Votes Seats Status Size Regional Gvt. Coalitions Party leader
#  % Total +/−
4800 8,900,929 17.83
67 / 365
Increase67 Opposition 2nd
1 / 5
None Elyot Zum Zimeon
4803 13,649,012 25.18
102 / 365
Increase35 Walpole 2nd
2 / 5

Presidential elections Edit

Date Candidate 1st round 2nd round
Votes % Position Votes % Results

Government positions held by party membersEdit

Heads of State from Neom Edit

Name Portrait Years

Heads of Government from NeomEdit

Name Portrait Years

Council of Ministers's members Edit

Council of Ministers' members
Government's member
Name Ministry
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