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New Alduria
Republic of New Alduria
Flag of New Alduria              NACOA

            Flag                               Coat of Arms

Formed from many, now as one
Brazen Hearts

Map of New Alduria

Capital                     New Aldur City
Largest city            New Aldur City
Languages             Luthorian, Kreyòl Aldurien
Denonym                New Aldurian
Government           Parliamentary Republic
President      Gilbert Gueguen
Chief Minister      Matthias Desramaut
Legislature             The People's Ensemble
- Total                        
- Per Capita               
Population               23,754,432
Currency                 Various
Drives on                 Left
Internet TLD            .na

New Alduria (Canrillaise: Nouveau Alduria) officially the Republic of New Alduria (Canrillaise: République de New Alduria) is Parliamentary Republic in eastern Dovani. It is a former colony of the Holy Luthorian Empire where it was formally known as the Imperial Domain of New Alduria (Canrillaise: Domaine impérial de New Alduria)

History Edit

Pre-Lourennais colonisation. Edit

Waves of Zanyal migrants, moving south from the invading Bendirian Kingdom settled on the island. The Zanyal people called the island "land of the highlands". At the time of the arrival of Aldurian settlers around 2000 A.D., the Zanyal people had settled in most of the northern region of the island and had established 13 city-states within it: Pratmois, Pikuh, Jeudun, Iosbo, Klaffo, Xoucqi, Esgi, Jewiq, Izteth, Ielhor, Dimphox, Wigim and Ufrug. Megedagik of Pratmois, who met Lourennais colonisers was instrumental in the demise of the remaining 12 city-states as he allowed for the Lourennais colonisers to settle in his city-state.

Lourennais history Edit

Jean-Joël Simon established the settlement of Roannois, near modern day around 2001. Most of the settlement was crafted from wood and palm given to Jean-Joël by Megedagik in exchange for money. Soon the settlement had grown from 40 settlers (the original crew of the vessels on which Jean-Joël originally came on) to around 1,000 settlers. More than fifteen years later, Jean-Joël died from an unknown diseased believed to be contracted through sexual intercourse with an unknown Zanyal woman. Noticing that his source of revenue had disappeared, Megedagik negotiated with the Lourennais settlers, offering staple crops, however his attempts were futile as the settlers had established a mains of agricultural activity. Megedagik, in response to the unwillingness of the settlers, decided to attack Roannois. However, the settlers had fended off against the constant attacks by Megedagik's tribal army by using salvaged equipment from the vessels they had originally come to island on (which were gradually deteriorating). In replacement of Jean-Joël as the settlement's "overseer", Jérémy Renaudin rose to the plate. Using timber from the ships, Jérémy Renaudin and 40 settlers crafted a makeshift vessel and returned to Lourenne to make a request to the crown. Renaudin convinced the crown to dispatch a flotilla of vessels to the island in order to begin colonisation under the bullion conquest.

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