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Republic of New Englia
Poblacht Eanglana Nua

Flag of New Englia
Flag of New Englia

("True to Us!")

Anthem "New Englia, we guard thee"
(and largest city)
Language Luthori, Kilani
Religion Hosianism
Demonym Englian
Government Federal Representative Democracy
  Legislature Parliament of New Englia
Population 30,170,745
(4743 estimate) 
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .nwe

New Englia is a country in northern Dovani. It is bordered by North Dovani to the north, Istapali to the west and Suyu Llaqta to the south. The capital is Ardue.

New Englia is a federal republic, divided into the regions of Ardtailte and South Englia. The country's head of state is the ceremonial President, while the head of government is the Prime Minister. Each region has its own First Minister.