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New Left Alliance
Party Leader
Trehaven, Erneshire
Holy Luthorian Empire
Student Wing
Leftist Student Alliance
Youth Wing
New Leftist Youth
Communism, environmentalism, anti-militarism, secularism, internationalism
International Affiliation
Official Color
Political Position
Imperial Diet
0 / 500
Duchies Held
0 / 5

The New Left Alliance is a far-left political party in Luthori founded in 4648 by Alison Jackson-Wright. The party has been described as communist, secular, anti-militarist, environmentalist and internationalist.

History Edit

The party participates in the 4649 election, but does not receive a lot of success and receives only 34 458 votes.

The party opposes the Pope William's Cabinet and asks for social reforms and free healthcare. It manages to gain media attention and in 4651 makes a historical score of 22.70 % and wins 139 seats out of 600 while the CPL loses a lot of support. The party becomes the first party in Luthori and it is the first a party at the left of the CPL enters in the Imperial Diet.

After a political crisis that lasted 2 years, and the 4653 early election, the party loses 8 seats. It then decides to form the Jackson-Wright Cabinet.

After the dissolution of the Patriots Party, an early election is called.

The party loses 71 seats and becomes the third party, far below the HLC.

The party dissolves in february 4656 after its leaders decide to join the CPL to fight against the HLC.

Electoral results Edit

Year Votes % +/- Seats +/- Status
4649 34,458 0.05 New
0 / 600
Increase 0 Opposition
4651 15,410,372 22.70 Increase 22.65 %
139 / 600
Increase 139 Opposition
4653 14,561,701 21.88 Decrease 0.82 %
131 / 600
Decrease 8 Jackson-Wright
4655 7,793,910 12.18 Decrease 9.70 %
60 / 500
Decrease 71 Jackson-Wright
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