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New Patriarchal Integralist Party
Új Katolikus Integrált Párt
First Language nameSyldavian
Second Language nameZergonese
Standing CommitteeChancellery of the Archbishop
Supreme CouncilorVincze Dávid
High ChaplainFr. Váradi Lajos
Lay CouncilorMiklós Benett
FoundersArchbishop Péter Erdő,

Fr. Dániel Márkó,

Miklós Benett
FoundedDecember 4742
Preceded byKirályi Katolikus Párt, and League for Defense of the Holy Crown
HeadquartersArchbishops Palace, Hugamest
NewspaperPost Tenebras Lux
Think tankCouncil for the Nation
Student wingOrder of the Archangel
Youth wingLegion of Vajk the Third
Women's wingOrder of the Virgin Mother
ParamilitaryNew League for Defense of the Holy Crown
Membership  (4755)1,230,000
IdeologyHosian fundamentalism
Political positionFar Right
SloganGloria in Excelsis Deo
Republican Senate
71 / 195
Council of Grand Directors
0 / 13
Mayor Directors
3 / 5
Banner of Vajk the Third
Banner of Vajk the Third

The New Patriarchal Integralist Party (Syldavian: Új Katolikus Integrált Párt) is a Hosian fundamentalist political party in the Directorial Republic of Endralon. It believes in the integration of the state into the Church. Furthermore, integralism argues the Church should be the basis of public law and public policy within civil society, wherever the preponderance of Catholics within that society makes this possible. The party favours broad decentralization and national syndicalism.

The party was founded nearly a decade after the fall of the monarchy, by a coalition of monarchist and elements from within the Church. One of the key founders was Archbishop Péter Erdő, who late came to be the third president of the republic, and was a powerful voice in the nation until the Monarchist Compromise of 4755. This compromise restructured the party away from monarchism. The party now function as the political wing of the Church in Endralon. Father István Balogh led the party into this era of its history.

Father István Balogh, second leader of the party and a major reformer