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History Edit

The New Progressive Party formed as a result of a schism in The Liberal Democratic Party, it started with the formation of an outspoken progressive wing in the LDP's ranks. Overtime the progressive wing which was formerly known as the P.LD (Progressive Liberal Democrats) became increasingly exiled from the establishment. In 4729, Manny Luiz who was seen as many as the defacto leader of the PLD defected from the Liberal Democrats and registered as an independent. Numerous PLD members followed suit and also registered as independents while others chose to stay within the LDP. It was in late 4729 when Manny Luiz enlisted the help of software CEO Drew Chou to help establish a new party with Chou as their leader and Luiz as the chair. Chou was chosen to run the party and handle the day to day operations while Luiz handled the actual politics of the party itself. By 4730 The New Progressive Party was formed and promptly pulled less radical members from The Revolutionary Socialist Party, more liberal members of The Baltusian Centrist Party, and even had more defectors from the LDP, while also grabbing former representatives such as Dan Kameron and longest-serving independent MP in Baltusian history, Frank DeSanto.

The 4734 Elections Edit

The New Progressive Party entered the 4734 election with no seats in Parliament and no seats in the cabinet, they rode a strong progressive populist message going into the vote. The NPP finished the election with 22 seats in Parliament giving them their first form of representation.They received 2,203,675 votes and totaled 3.33% by the end of the election. The NPP struggled heavily in most of the states only gaining less than 0.09% of the vote and finishing last in the polls. However, in New Egelion they received 16.67% of the vote and finished fourth in the polls, to secure their 22 seats in Parliament. Bruce Lancer and Frank DeSanto, were both elected as MP's to represent the NPP in Parliament.

Dan Kameron Presidential Run Edit

For the 4734 elections the NPP decided to run Dan Kameron as the nominee on a soft-campaign platform. The NPP realized their chances of winning were slim to none so they decided to run Kameron on a platform that raised support for his future run in 4738, while spreading the message of the NPP. Dan Kameron was elected as the future NPP presidential candidate by members of the party, he won the vote with 62% over Bruce Lancer who had 33% and Frank DeSanto who had 5%. Dan Kameron previously served as a member of Parliament with the LDP but was expelled in 4720 for clashing with establishment officials and being deemed too radical. Kameron had been out of a government position for a decade before being recruited by Manny Luiz to join the NPP with the intention of making him an MP when the time came. The original plan was to prepare Bruce Lancer as the candidate of the future with no party election, he was a safe choice being the most conservative progressive of the party which could possibly attract centrist/right-wing voters. Dan Kameron however did not appeal to the apparent plan set in place, instead he started building a grassroots campaign from outside the official party's guidelines. Well aware of the looming 4733 election, Kameron focused on sending a message to the people and urging them to think about their vote while also rallying support for his future bid.This move by Kameron forced the NPP to construct a poll in which he beat Lancer by a landslide, gaining him the nomination. With the nominee in hand he embarked on a series of campaigns to promote his future bid. He evoked his classic fiery brand of left-wing populism, spouting out his intense ideological rhetoric. It was fast, it was powerful but it was not fascism, it was for the people and by the people, a direct strike to established parties. Multiple parties were caught in the crossfire of Kameron's hellraising verbosity, such being when he remarked of the Baltusian Centrist Party at a rally which ended an a standing ovation

"The BCP are a bunch of warmongers I'll tell you guys that much, they want to bring our citizens into these international wars, they want our sons and daughters to go out there and die. They voted against The True Isolation Act, they wanted to keep exporting weapons to foreign nations. They want to turn Baltusia into an arms weapon manufacturer and distributor. I promise you guys, the people, that for our families when you guys elect New Progressive into the government and me for President, we're gonna get them the hell out of our country and we're gonna start rebuilding Baltuisa for the people, by the people!"
Many have criticized Kameron for having "a authoritarian nature" and some going even as far too say he would be a strongman ruler who would have an iron grip on the presidency. Others however, see him as a champion of the working class and a true beacon of progressive polices, a man who is passionate and boisterous but for all the right reasons. Still, Kameron is facing the same criticism he faced as a member of the LDP a little over a decade ago, his strong isolationist and militarist position has caused concern from members within the NPP. Drew Chou and Manny Luiz have yet to make any negative comment regarding Kameron's rhetoric, when asked on Baltusia Daily about Kameron's behavior being "reckless and dangerous" Luiz disregarded the comment as "nonsense, and establishment disinformation."

Notable Members Edit

Political Philosophy Edit

The NPP has routinely classified themselves as devout left-wing populists and social nationalists.They embrace the pride of Baltusia but believes that power flows through the people not the government itself. The NPP encourages and places an emphasis on personal freedom while still embracing national unity and spirit. The philosophy that the NPP follows is a belief in the people, they strongly advocate a staunch isolationist position while their views on the military can range. They also embrace the spirit of being a progressive, by the belief in an expansive and detailed social services system.

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