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The Cabinet of Jonathan Newton is the current government of the Holy Luthorian Empire. The cabinet is composed of LF, the PR, and WR. LF holds the Office of the Imperator with Zach Pierson as its incumbent.

Representation Edit

82 / 150


History Edit

Main reforms and changes Edit

Program Edit

Composition Edit

Office Occupant Party
Office of the Imperator Philip Hopkins CPL

Position Minister Party
Office of the Prime Minister Jonathan Newton LF
Ministry of Foreign


Alexander Loyd PR
Ministry of Internal


Thomas Denford WR
Ministry of Finance Joe Manning LF
Ministry of Defence Marquis Harold Stinson WR
Ministry of Justice Simon Crown LF
Ministry of


and Transport

John Richards LF
Ministry of Health 

and Social Services

Simon Conrad PR

of Education and Culture

Robert Nemri WR
Ministry of Science 

and Technology

Lionel Doofensmirtz Ph.D PR
Ministry of Food 

and Agriculture

Misty Moose PR

of Environment 

and Tourism

Henry Morris LF
Ministry of Trade 

and Industry

Sebastian Jenkins WR
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