City Motto:
Mayor: Marina Herberstein
Nation: Dundorf
Region: Dunlake
Population: 12,00000
Area: km²

Business District of Nordenhaus

Business District of Nordenhaus

Nordenhaus is the capital of the Bundesrepublik Dundorf as well as the regional capital of Bundesland Dunlake. In terms of population, Nordenhaus is also the largest city of the nation. Nordenhaus has the third-highest poverty rate (21%) of the whole nation, however it also boasts one of the highest share of wealthy inhabitants (40%). As Nordenhaus was destroyed through arson in 3120, none of the traditional architecture and historical buildings of the city still exists today. The townscape is dominated by modern buildings and glass-facade skyscrapers in the centre and in the business districts. Nordenhaus is the economic powerhouse of Dundorf, as it has low corporation taxes and modern infrastructre. Politically, citizens of Nordenhaus tend to favor independent, liberal candidates such as former mayor Dietrich Wolfe.


The 150 members of the City Council are elected every 2 years. The mayor is elected separately in direct election.

Bloc Parties Seats Percentage Leader


(People's Alliance)

UBP, DPN, FBU, PdV 43 27.79% Dietrich Wolfe

Konservativer Block

(Conservative Bloc)

LDP, KVP, NFP, CSVP 69 44.88% Marina Herberstein

Sozialistischer Bund

(Socialist Coalition)

KPD, MLPD, SDP 38 24.89% Frank-Erich Kastner

Liberaler Block

(Liberal Bloc)

FPN, GLP, LVP 0 1.44% Alfred Gaulhofer

Mayors of Nordenhaus Edit

  • William Arglestone (SVP, 3115-3120)
  • Herbert von Ackermann (CSVP, 3120-3132)
  • Theobald Griesenhoff (CSVP, 3132-3139)
  • Hermine Traugott (SDP, 3139-3157)
  • Waldemar Butzenhuber ((SDP, 3157-3165)
  • Severino Sopperno (Independent, backed by SDP 3165-3169)
  • Hasso Rothenstein (Independent, 3169-3178)
  • Larry Fissenmuth (KPD, 3178-3186)
  • Gregor Weinzierl (GLP, 3186-3189)
  • Dietrich Wolfe (Independent, backed by PA, 3189-3218)
  • Marina Herberstein (CSVP, since 3218)

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