The North Seleyan Wars is a term used to collectively refer to a number of wars fought between 1889 and 1907 between various colonial empires. Though the wars took place on Keris, Artania, and Seleya, they were each prompted by events in North Seleya, and were focused on the rivalry between Kalistan and Valruzia. The wars ultimately resulted in the utter collapse of the Anantan empire and the ascendancy of Ikradon. Most modern day borders in North Seleya and Keris were set during this time period.

The North Seleyan Wars were the Third Plateau War (1889-1894), the First Likatonian War (1897-1899), the Second Likatonian War (1903-1908). These wars were distinguished only by the short breaks between them and the changes of certain belligerents. The wars involved, at various times, the states of Valruzia, Ananto, Tukarali, Gaduria, Baltusia, Ikradon, Luthori, Egelion, Kundrati, Endralon, Selucia, Kregon, and Rapula, as well as revolutionary forces in Kalistan, Lodamun, and Likatonia. The two sides remained more or less the same throughout, with Valruzia and allies (including Baltusia, Ikradon, and Kundrati) fighting against Ananto and allies (including Endralon, Selucia, and Egelion).

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Overall effects of the war, with revolutions lighter in color and losses lower in chroma. That's an artsy term for "more gray."

Background Edit

Third Plateau War Edit

Third Plateau War
Date: 1889-1894
Location: Northern Seleya
Result: Shattered Baltusia, Vintalli Empire of Kalistan
Territory changes: Lodamun, Baltusia, Gaduridos
Anantonese Empire of Kalistan,



Vintalli City States,
Second Lodamese Confederation

Jesus Gomez

Louis Montagu

George Reynolds

Alexander Riera

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