Northern Airlines System
Callsign NAS
Founded 2nd April 4502
Alliance TBA
Type Allmennaksjeselskap
Hubs Skalm, Kazulia
Fleet Size 200
Slogan Spirit of the North
Key People TBA
Destinations TBA
Employees TBA

Northern Airlines, usually known as NAS, is the flag carrier of Kazulia. NAS is an abbreviation of the company's full name, Northern Airlines System. Part of the NAS Group and headquartered in the Hvithammer Office building in Folland, Flindar, the airline operates 290 aircraft to over 90 destinations around the world. The airline's main hub is at the Skalm International Airport, with connections to 100 destinations. Minor hubs also exist at Folland Airport, Kausinki, Hundby Darlem Airport, Asvald Airport, Honningvanger, and Arenheim Airport. NAS Cargo is an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of Northern Airlines and its main office is at Skalm International Airport.

As of recent, NAS carried 50 million passengers, achieving revenues of 40 billion Kazulian krona. This makes it the largest airline in Kazulia and the wider Eastern Hemisphere. The NAS fleet is composed of 200 aircraft consisting of predominantly civilian airliners manufactured by the Artanian Defense Group (ADG). The airline was founded in 4502 as a consortium to pool the transatlantic operations of Kazulsk International, Kazulsk Cargo and Northern Airways following an agreement by the government at the time to nationality the companies to prevent them from declaring bankruptcy and laying off their combined 300,000 staff. The consortium was extended to cover Dovani and domestic cooperation two years later. Following the nationalisation, all the airlines were merged to create NAS.

History Edit

Founding Edit

The airline was founded on 2nd April 4502, when Kazulsk International, Kazulsk Cargo and Northern Airways were approach bankruptcy and had declared intentions to layoff 300,000 staff members. In recognising the implications of laying off 300,000 persons simultaneously, the Kazulian Government intervened and nationalised the three (3) companies to save their combined 300,000 employees. Operations for the new airline began on 5th October 4502 as "Northern Airlines System". Following the nationalisation, the Kazulian Government maintains 51% of shares within the airline whilst the remaining 49% was brought up by private investors; the largest of them being the Valebrokk-Mostad Family (15%).

Acquisition of foreign airlines Edit

Under the leadership of CEO Carl Sommer, the company underwent a successful financial turnaround of the company. Sommer had envisioned NAS ownership of multiple airlines worldwide. NAS gradually acquired control of the domestic markets in three Dovanian countries; this was achieved by acquiring full or partial control of various competing local airlines, including Air Dankuk and Northern Dovani Airlines. Underneath an agreement to save the company from defaulting on its debt payments, NAS agreed to acquire New World Airlines, an airline operating out of Rutania with a specific focus on servicing trans-Artanian travel.

Restructuring Edit

With the growth of budget airlines and decreasing fares in Kazulia, the business experienced financial hardship. Competitive pressures had compelled the airline to launch a cost-cutting initiative or risk a brutal debt restructuring plan by the government. In the first step of which, the business sold its stakes in other global airlines such as Dorvish Airways and began to restructure its operations. In 4730, the company came under heavy pressure from its owner (the Kazulian Government) and banks to implement even heavier cost-cutting measures as a condition for continued financial support. Negotiations with the respective trade unions took place for more than a week, exceeded the original deadline; in the end, an agreement was reached between NAS and the trade unions that would increase the work time. In 4741, the federal government announced that it intends on removing the fuel subsidy implemented by the government underneath the Petroleum Production Levy and Subsidy Act, thus meaning that NAS would have to sources aeroplane fuel at global market prices, having than having a reduced cost through a government subsidy. The rationale behind such a decision was to reduce the burden on taxpayers who pay for the subsidy through the Petroleum Levy and to force Northern Airlines System to become more efficient in its use of fuel.

Fleet Edit

Current Passenger Fleet Edit

In Service
ADG 330-200
NAS 330-200
ADG 350-900
NAS ADG 350-900
ADG 380-800
NAS ADG 380-800

Cargo Fleet Edit

NAS' cargo division, Northern Cargo System, handles cargo operations using capacity on NAS passenger aircraft.

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