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Northstar S.A.

Type Joint-stock company
Industry Automotive
Founded January 4600
Headquarters 800px-POL Białystok flag.svg.png Nowogard
3elkEn.png Valruzia
Key people Krystyna Klimko (President)
Rafał Klimko (CEO)
Jolanta Anders (CFO)
Products Automobiles
Services Production, Distribution and Maintenance
Area Served Worldwide
Revenue Increase VPO 130.12 billion (4630)
Operating Income Increase VPO 34.45 billion (4630)
Total Assets Increase VPO 344.90 (4630)
Employees 15.000 (4630)
Owners Klimko family (100%)
Website www.northstar.wr

Northstar S.A. is a Valruzian-based multinational automotive corporation, headquartered in Nowogard, Valruzia that develops and sells high-performance versions of BNG cars.

Despite close ties and cooperation with the Bonning Group, it remains a fully independent company and is listed on the Nowogard Stock Exchange. Northstar's processes are integrated into BNG's production lines. The company was founded in 4600 by former BNG employee Jan Klimko.