Democratic Republic of Ntoto
Flag of Ntoto
Location of Ntoto
Location of Ntoto

One people, one nation, one goal! ()

Anthem "My nation in my heart"
Capital Niry Ifedimouni
Largest city Kiego
Other cities Dioncoro, Chengou
Religion Hosianism, Ahmadism
Demonym Mwisintoto (singular)
Esintoto (plural)
Government Unitary parliamentary republic
  Legislature National Assembly:
  • State Assembly
  • Senate
Chairman of the Council of Ministers Ousman Ngum
Population 81,527,647 
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .to

Ntoto is nation in the Third World. It is located on the continent of Dovani. Ntoto was for much of its history a colony of Luthori, when it was known as the Grand Duchy of Talmorschland.

Government and politicsEdit

Ntoto is a former colonial possession of Luthori. It is now a parliamentary republic.

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