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People's Republic of Ntoto

Flag of Ntoto
Flag of Ntoto
Location of Ntoto
Location of Ntoto

Workers of Ntoto Unite! ()

Anthem "Workers of Ntoto Unite!"
Capital Niry Ifedimouni
Largest city Kiego
Other cities Dioncoro, Chengou
Religion Traditionalist Dovanian Beliefs

Hosianism, Ahmadism

Demonym Mwisintoto (singular)
Esintoto (plural)
Government Unitary parliamentary republic
  Legislature People's Assembly:
  • District Assembly
People's Advocate Birom Ouattara
Population 79,556,197
(4743 estimate) 
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .to

Ntoto is nation in the Third World. It is located on the continent of Dovani. Ntoto was for much of its history a colony of Luthori, when it was known as the Grand Duchy of Talmorschland.

Government and politics[]

Ntoto is a former colonial possession of Luthori. It is now a Republic officially but in practice more of a Military Dictatorship. Ntoto is made up of a High Coucil a Supreme Court and the Executive Branch. They are the three branches of Government.

Head of State:[]

The President of Ntoto is historically an elected position however in the coup of 4861 the position was abolished and the new General President of the Republic was formed. The current president is General Lafi Ogoo who took the position in 4861. The President signs laws, runs the military and conducts trade deals, diplomatic treaties and represent the country.



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Foreign Affairs:[]

Ntoto has been historically isolated from the rest of Terra, however the country has gone to Liore for help to rebuild. Also Ntoto has made relations with Dundorf and Utembo as well.



Ntoto has a mix traditional Dovani Religious groups. However Hosianism and Ahmedism has also grown steadily.

Religious Affiliation:[]

Traditionalist Dovani Religion: 57%

Hosianism: 25%

Ahmedism: 16%