OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti S.p.A.
Type Subsidiary
Industry Defense
Founded September 3972
Via Francesco Antinori 44, 00902 Turrino, Istalia
Key people
Salvatore De Carolis(Chairman and CEO)
Davide Mantolini(Chief Operating Officer)
Maria Burru(CFO)
Harun Al-Kafari(Legal Counsel)
Products Tanks, combat vehicle, self-propelled artillery, and other armored vehicles.
Revenue LIS£3 billion (4186)
Net income LIS£748 million (4186)
Leonardi Industrial Group S.p.A. (100%)
Employees ~ 58,000

OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti S.p.A. is an istalian defense company based in Turrino. The company produces various types of equipment as well as tanks, combat vehicles, self-propelled artillery and other defense system and armored vehicles.
OTO Al-Mehara is one of the main contractors of the istalian Armed Forces providing ground weapons as well as vehicles and defense system.
OTO provides for the Istalian Army the well known Main Battle Tank Dragone and the Multi-purpose armoured vehicle platform system Lanciere, two state-of-art products of the defense industry.


These are a list of some of the most famous products produced by OTO Al-Mehara.

Main Battle Tank

Name Type Picture Notes
Main Battle Tank
MBT Dragone
MBT Dragone details

Armoured vehicles

Name Type Picture Notes
Armored Multi-role Vehicle Platform System Lanciere
Wheeled Armoured Vehicle for territorial defense and tactical reconnaissance/Heavy Assault Gun (AS/HG)
Leonardi AS HG
Lanciere AS/HG details
Anti-tank/Assault Gun Vehicle (AT/AG)
Leonardi AT AG
Lanciere AT/AG details
Wheeled infantry fighting vehicle/Command Vehicle/Battlefield Recovery vehicle/Battlefield Ambulance Vehicle (MAV-IFV)
Leonardi MAV-IFV
Lanciere MAV-IFV details
Armored Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV)
Leonardi AAV
Lanciere AAV details
Self-propelled howitzer (SPH)
Leonardi SPH
Lanciere SPH details
Self-propelled Anti-aircraft Variant (AD)
Leonardi AD
Lanciere AD details


Name Type Picture Notes
76 mm Naval Gun
OTO "Alsemet"
76mm Naval Gun Alsemet details


Name Type Picture Notes
Anti-tank/Heavy ground artillery missile system
OTO "Giavellotto"
Giavellotto details


OTO Al-Mehara is a subsidiary controlled by Leonardi Industrial Group since 4017

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