Oceani® Car Company
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Chairman Vanina Lisandru
CEO Vanina Lisandru
Headquarters Jamestown, Keymon
Founder Vanina Lisandru
Founded November 1st, 4502
Divisions Oceani Military Vehicles
Oceani Public Transport
Oceani Private Vehicles
Parent Oceani Car Company

The Oceani Car Company, often abbreviated to OCC, is an automobile manufacturing company based in the Republic of Keymon. The company was found in 4500 in Jamestown, where it is headquartered today. Oceani designs and manufactures cars in four factories situated in Keymon.

In 4501 the company was formed, during which it received 20 million KED from the Keymon Ordnance Company for investments and development. In exchange, the Keymon Ordnance Company became the owner of 15% of the company.

Currently, Oceani is the largest car producer in Keymon and is one of the largest on Seleyan continent. It maintains its representations across Seleya and conducts research and advertisement localization to better address the specified market.