Offshore Industry Limited Company

Type Limited Company, with three shareholders.
Founded 2698
Headquaters OILC House, Cildania City
CEO Martyn VanHorne
Industry Oil, Petroleum, Plastics, Refining, Distribution
Flagship Brands EZ Gasoline, Winter Fuels Inc
Revenue 73,234 million CDC
Operating Income 8,437 million CDC
Net Income 2,678 million CDC
Employees 128,000
Slogan "Fule for now, the future and for us all"

OILC is currently the biggest petroleum extraction, refining, and distribution company in Cildania. It is actually a limited company, in which the Cildanian Government (the Energy Ministry), the Alliance of Oil and Energy Wokers Unions (AOEWU), and the country's largest private energy provider - Cildanian Energy(CilNRG) have equal shares.

The company is governed by a board of directors, that includes the Energy Minister from the Federal Government, and a representative from each of the other owning comapanies. The Board is overseen by a non executive chairman, and the day to day business affairs of the company are controlled by the chief executive officer (currently Martyn VanHorne.

OILC trades under various widely known brands, such as it's chain of petrol stations - Stellar Stations, and power supply company Superior Fuels.

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