His Imperial Majesty, Okatori Kurosawa
Mikado of Gao-Soto

Father Okatori Takahiro
Mother Ai Tamiko
Spouse Sunaki Ahiko
Titles and Styles
  • HIM the Mikado of Gao-Soto
Date of Birth May 5th, 3363
Date of Death June 2nd, 3447
Imperial Dynasty Okatori Clan

His Imperial and Heavenly Majesty, Okatori Kurosawa, Mikado of Gao-Soto (commonly referred to as Emperor Kurosawa and occasionally referred to posthumously as Kurosawa the Great)' was the second Mikado of Gao-Soto after the separation of the crowns of Hulstria and Gao-Soto. The son of Okatori Takahiro, who reigned over Sekowo and Gao-Soto at different times during his life, Emperor Kurosawa was a member of the Okatori Clan, a minor clan from the Winoue Phratry of feudal Gao-Soto, and was the second Okatori to reign as monarch.

A hard worker and idealist, Emperor Kurosawa was perhaps best associated now with his support for the 15th of September Movement during the time of the Imperial Socialist regime in Hulstria and Gao-Soto. After escaping captivity by the regime, Kurosawa joined with the opposition and campaigned for the restoration of democracy and constitutional monarchy. In January 3416, it was discovered that his father had died in captivity, and he was accordingly proclaimed Mikao of Gao-Soto, also leading a Provisional Government.

Due to his role in overthrowing the KSP dictatorship, Emperor Kurosawa enjoyed great popularity among both Hulstrians and Gao-Showans. He actively argued for human rights, democracy and moderate Gao-Showan nationalism, perceiving his title to confer upon him a moral duty to advocate for the interests, tolerance and harmony of the wider Gao-Showa people. Notable in this regard was his personal intervention in an attempt to calm tensions between the Kyo and Gaijin population of Dranland.

Emperor Kurosawa was seen after his death as one of the great heroes of the September Revolution, praised for his modesty and wisdom by many in Hulstria and Gao-Soto and abroad. His rule is credited with securing the position of the Okatori Clan as Imperial Clan of Gao-Soto, a position that was tenuous at the moment of his accession due to the connections of his father to the Orinco Genocide in Sekowo.

Full titularyEdit

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His Imperial and Heavenly Majesty the Mikado of Gao-Soto, Okatori Kurosawa, King of Kings and Emperor of Emperors of the Gao-Showan people, Lord of the Kunihito, Grand King of Hilgar, Mitrania and Touryou, Great Daimyo of Hulstria, Budenlar and Kuratha.

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