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Old Guard Party
Старая Гвардия Партия
Staraya Gvardiya Partiya
First SecretaryKira Mashkova, Duchess of Petrovgrad
FounderR.D. Mashkov, 1st Duke of Petrovgrad
Founded20 June 2902
HeadquartersHeinrichgrad (Capital), Chadonia
Student wingStudents for Tradition
Political positionRight
State Duma
259 / 750
Council of Ministers
0 / 13
3 / 5

The Old Guard Party (Rod. Старая Гвардия Партия or Staraya Gvardiya Partiya, abbreviated СГП) is a political party in Trigunia. It promotes a federalist, traditionalist, capitalist and imperialist political agenda.


The SGP is a united, umbrella front of populist movements from all over Trigunia. The Party is made up of Hosians of all denominations, both secular and religious conservatives, fascists, owners, workers, and generally right-thinking Trigunians from every corner of the country.

The SGP wishes to create a capitalist paradise in the nation. Liberating business from all but the most necessary legislation. All education and social services should be privatized or devolved to local government jurisdiction. No taxes on business, low sales tax and low income taxes.

- staunchly monarchist; especially supporting the Hulstrian emperor's claim to the Great Prince & Tsar title

- extremely federalist & devolutionist in position

- capitalist in nature, but strictly conservative in religion, civil rights, and law & order

- staunch militarists; believed in protecting trade routes, law of the sea, and open markets;

- the Young Guards gradually moved from economically minded pacifism to outright militarism

Electoral History[]

Federal President
Round 1
Round 2
% %
Nov 4404 Inge Regina Hoffman.png Kira Mashkova,
Duchess of Petrovgrad
35.17% 51.85% Yes
State Duma
Number of votes
Total votes
% votes
Nov 4404 22,426,111 64,996,192 34.53%
259 / 750
Increase+259 1st TBD
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