Oliverdi S.p.A.
Oliverdi logo
Type Publicly traded (Società per azioni)
Traded as BII: OLV
Industry Telecomunication devices, Computer hardware, Computer software, Consumer electronics, Digital distribution
Founded Febraury 3801
Headquarters Via Emanuele Terrenzi 104, 00789 Bunogna, Istalia
Key people Carlo Modigliani (CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors)
Amir Al-Majar (CFO)
Products Smartphones, smartwatchs, Mobile phones, Personal Computers, Tablet Computers, OS for Computers, Tablet and Smartphones, Printers, Scanners, Audiovisual systems and devices, Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network
Revenue LIS£59 billion (4215)
Net income LIS£2.58 billion (4215)
Total Assets LIS£8.3 billion (4215)
Total equity LIS£11.6 billion (4215)
Owner International Trade Holding S.p.A. (55%)
Hasan-Mariani Holding & Investement Group (24%)
Employees 125,000

Oliverdi is an Istalian telecommunications and consumer electronics company founded in 3801 by Massimiliano Oliverdi as an electronic hardware producer oriented to the production of calculators, printers and other electronic components and after some time started also the production of personal computers. The company currently primarily manufactures smartphones and other mobile devices running operating systems developed by Decima Technology but since the first decades of 42nd century started the production of computers' and smartphones' operative systems too.
Until the 41st century Oliverdi maintained its traditional production but after an agreement established with Decima Technology and thanks to large national tax relief and extraordinary funds the company began the production of smartphones, tablet computers and smartwatches.
In the 70's of 42nd century the company was acquired by the Mariani Investment Groups which started a worldwide viral marketing presenting to the world the new products of Oliverdi on which has been highly integreted the multi-media platform of the PMI Media Group and its web services.
Thanks to the even more diffused presence of PMI Media all over the world the Oliverdi products too began to became even more known and diffused.

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