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Order of Saint Parnum the Thunderer
Prikaz sveta parnuma perkunasa.png
Prikazŭ Svęta Parnuma Perkunasa
Parnum order.png
Founded 2825
Allegiance Terran Patriarchal Church, Papacy
Grand Master Przemysław Matejka
Nations with Active Lodges Deltaria
Headquarters Dolinka, Holy Lands, Deltaria
Motto Slava v vyšnikh Bogu, i na zemli mirŭ
Website www.svparnum.dg

The Order of Saint Parnum the Thunderer (Old Tokundian: Prikaz sveta parnuma perkunasa.png Приказъ Свѧта Парнѹма Перкѹнаса; Daralian: Rád Svätého Parnuma Hromovládcu; Dolgavan: Lai Svētā Pārnuma Pērkona) is a Terran Patriarchal military monastic order dedicated to Terran Patriarchal Saint Parnum. The Order was founded in 2825 as the "Poor Fellow-Soldiers of St.Parnum and of the Northern Light" by Order of Sacrifice and Pain Grandmaster brother Bonifac Ryssko.

The firs major action of the Order was the conquest of Selucia as part of the Selucian Crusade launched by the Pápež. The nation had fallen under communist rule, and the Pápež was eager to bring the at that point minor Selucian Patriarchal Church under Terran Patriarchal rule. The Crusade was successful in conquering Selucia and the "Selucian Land of Saint Parnum" was formed as an Orderstate, ruling over the entire Selucian territory. The Crusade however failed in its longterm goal, as the Orderstate fell in 2854 to Selucian Patriarchal armies.

In 3423 the Order was renamed as the "Order of Saint Parnum the Thunderer" and became the largest and most important of the Church's military-monastic orders. The Order participated in the Dolgavan Crusade since its inception that same year, fighting against Luthori privateers, Pontesi pirates, and native forest tribes for control over Dolgava. During the War the Order established the Land of Saint Parnum in 3425 as a theocratic Orderstate, gaining partial control of three provinces in South-West Dolgava. Following the Dolgavan Disaster of 3436, a nuclear explosion of unknown origins that cast Dolgava into a new dark age, the representatives of the remaining four armed factions agreed to end the war and, with the Dolgarburga Compromise of 3440, created the Dolgavan Confederation as a feudal republic. As the local Hulstrian nobles regained much their political power and began arming the Dolgavan peasants, the Order withdrew from Dolgava in June 3452.

In 3607 Theodosio Lagojno, the Grandmaster of the Order, was elected Emperor of the Augustans by the Imperial Senate of the reborn Augustan Empire, increasing the power of the Order of Saint Parnum and the Terran Patriarchal Church. Emperor Theodosio remained the only legitimate Augustan Emperor throughout the Empire's existence, and the Order consequently gained much wealth and influence, which it maintained after the fall of the Empire in 3645.

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