Badge with ribbon of the Order of the Istalian Star

Badge and ribbon of the Order of the Istalian Star

The Order of the Istalian Star (Istalian: Ordine della Stella Istaliana) is the highest order of merit for military and civil merits of the Istalian Empire, established by Michele I of Istalia in 4573. The Grand Master of the Order is the Emperor of the Istalians.

According to the Act of Creation of the Order, it is awarded in recognition of "eminent services in high military positions, to those who have distinguished themselves in senior positions in the civil service and to those who, as private citizens, have brought distinction upon Istalia as exemplary benefactors of the nation or of mankind or have rendered particularly noteworthy services to the Istalian Imperial Crown".


The motto of the Order is "Per l'Istalia e per l'Impero, Sempre!" (For Istalia and for Empire, Forever!).


The order is divided into six degrees of increasing distinction: Cavaliere (Knight), Ufficiale (Officer), Commendatore (Commander), Grand'Ufficiale (Grand Officer), Cavaliere di Gran Croce (Knight Grand Cross) and Cavaliere di Gran Croce Decorato di Gran Cordone (Knight Grand Cross with Collar).

The grade of Knight Grand Cross with Collar is reserved to the members of the Imperial Family and can be conferred to the High Dignities of the Empire and to foreign Head of State and Monarchs.


The badge of the Order of the Istalian Star is a five-armed Cildanian Star in gilt enamelled white, with an enamelled laurel and oak wreath between the arms. The obverse central disc is in gilt but with in the middle the Star of Istalia anemelled whithe and bordered red, surrounded by the legend Ordine della Stella Istaliana on a blue enamel ring. The reverse central disc is also in gilt, with a set of crossed Istalian flag, surrounded by the Order's motto Per l'Istalia e per l'Impero, Sempre! and its foundation date on a blue enamel ring. The badge is suspended by an enamelled imperial crown.

The star (or plaque) is worn by the Grand Cross on the left chest and by the Grand Officer on the right chest respectively. It is similar to the badge but there is not the Imperial crown and it present a cluster of rays between each arm of the asterisk, in gilt bordered with diamonds for the Grand Cross and in silver borderd in gilt for the Grand Officer.

The ribbon of the Order is red with two green band bordering a larger central white section.

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