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Orihime Arisawa
Orihime Arisawa

Party Leader, Tennō, Representative
Assumed office 
September 5th, 2523
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Jîmce Bliampid
Kosmos & Sekowo

April 21, 2421
Political party
02 Komeito Complex, Kasmenai
Agnostic Buddhist

Orihime Arisawa was the second de facto leader of the Democratic Socialists Party of Sekowo.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Orihime Arisawa was born to upper class parents in Kasmenai, Sekowo. In her teen years she came to see capitalism as an inherently negative and unequal thing leading her to join the newly founded Democratic Socialists Party at the age of twenty-two.

She spent much of her early life dvoted to various causes including th party at the loss of a strong personal life.

Later Life[edit | edit source]

Orihime spent her later life acting as an international representative as well as the party leader of the DSP, she also held the office of the Tennō several times during her career.

Stasis[edit | edit source]

In 2505 Orihime along with Takeshi Komei entered stasis, several months after Otaru Komei himself had.

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